Esta es una lista de las canciones más difíciles de la saga Guitar hero

Guitar heroEditar

Bark at the moon, Cowboys from hell, Frankenstein

Guitar hero IIEditar

Jordan, Six, Free bird, Hangar 18, Gemini

Guitar hero rock de los 80Editar

Play with me, Caught in a mosh

Guitar hero IIIEditar

Through the fire and flames, The devil went down to Georgia, Raining blood, One, Take this life, The way it ends, Cult Of Personality

Guitar hero AerosmithEditar

Joe Perry guitar duel, Train kept a rollin

Guitar hero world tourEditar

Satch Boogie, Hot for the teacher, Never too late, Soul doubt, B.Y.O.B., Trapped under ice

Guitar hero MetallicaEditar

War ensemble, Fight fire with fire

Guitar hero 5Editar

Scatterbrain, 21st century schizoid man, The spirit of the radio, Done with everything die for nothing

Guitar hero Van HalenEditar

Eruption, Spanish fly

Guitar hero warriors of rockEditar

Sudden death, Black widow of La Porte, Fury of the storm, This day we fight, Speeding, Chemical warfare, If you want peace...prepare for war, Holy wars the punishment due.

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