21st Century Schizoid Man

21st Century Schizoid Man 100% On Expert

21st Century Schizod Man
{{{performed}}} King Crimson
Year 1969
Appears in Guitar Hero 5
Tier Hypersphere
★★★★ (Expert) ?
★★★★★ (Expert) ?

"21st Century Schizoid Man" by King Crimson is in Guitar Hero 5, the fifth game in the Guitar Hero main series, and is considered as one of the hardest songs in the game. This song is the last song in Career Mode. It is also the credits song. While playing this song in the credits, there are no meters and you cannot fail. Completion of this song unlocks the "Hypersphere" Venue, completes the Career, and unlocks "The God Of Rock's Final Test" sponsorship challenge.


Vivid and complex, 21st Century Schizoid Man is one of the hardest songs on Guitar Hero 5. The beginning is easy to master, but after the singer is done singing for a long period, it will progress in difficulty. As the song goes by, it'll just get harder and harder as unpredictable notes race down the screen. This song isn't recommended for an amateur, but if you're an expert at the game, this song should be little to no trouble for you. Perfecting this song is extremely difficult on harder difficulties, but it should be easier on Easy and Beginner. Even then, it's hard on Medium. Although it may be difficult, it is still impossible to fail it in the credits.&nbsp

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