The A-Punk single

"A-Punk" is a song by Vampire Weekend, from their first album, Vampire Weekend (album). It is playable content for Guitar Hero 5.


A-Punk was recorded in 2007 and was produced by Rostam Batmanglij & Jacob Friett. It features Indie Rock and Surf Rock. According to Mark Richardson of Pitchfork Media, A-Punk has "a spunky drive, pogo-inducing rhythm, and subtle but hugely effective sonic accents" and said that "while solid, isn't one of the stronger songs on Vampire Weekend".

The music video was directed by Garth Jennings who intended the video to be full of energy, with sped up stop motion pictures of the band members.


The guitar part is moderately simple, even though it's mainly made up of quick alt strumming. The notes will come down quickly, but it shouldn't be hard to score a perfect 100%. It also helps that the song is very short.

Bass is very similar to the guitar notes, but has a few less notes to hit than the guitar part and is also slightly harder.