Amoeba Records is the fifth venue in Guitar Hero World Tour. It takes place inside the eponymous real-life record store located in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Paramore's Hayley Williams appears to sing Misery Business.

Guitar Setlist[]

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Drums Selist[]


The stage is based on the Amoeba Music store in Hollywood, CA. Posters line the walls, and a trampoline with the band logo on sits behind the drummer. If one looks close enough, the record shelves behind the crowd display albums where some of the songs featured in the game were released, like Fleetwood Mac's Rumours ("Go Your Own Way"), Van Halen's 1984 ("Hot for Teacher") and Dream Theater's Images and Words ("Pull Me Under").


For the encore, posters with the band logo on descend from the second floor and read "(Band Name) New Album". The lead singer takes a copy of said album and frisbees it into the crowd.

Magazine Cover[]

Upon completion of the gig, or replaying any song in career mode at this venue, a magazine cover will appear on screen with a picture of Hayley Williams on it and a caption witten in all captial letters that reads, "*band name*, HAYLEY HAS ALL THEIR ALBUMS!"