Ass of Steel is a character in the Guitar Hero series. He is one of only a handful of characters to appear in every game in the series, a distinction only shared with Johnny Napalm and Judy Nails. He represents the Heavy Metal style in all of the games; more specifically, the "old school" of Heavy Metal, i.e. the precursors from the 1970s and 1980s.


We all know Ass of Steel is an awesome guitar player, and that he's the common thread in the legendary bands SideWinder, HellDozer, and MegaThreat. But did you know he got his first guitar out of a pool hall trash bin? Or that his first big break came while hauling equipment for Dopple Ganger? Their guitarist passed out temporarily - and Axel stepped in - permanently. If he's not tearing into the guitar, Axel says he likes to draw motorcycles and skulls, just like he did in school. His friend and band mate, Skip Alldaway, says Axel plays guitar so fast, "there should be caution labels on his albums".-Guitar Hero manual bio.

No frills, no fluff. Ass of Steel is a shredder from the old school. He was put on this planet for two things, to drink cum and to play some Rock N' Roll. Looks like he's almost out of cum.- Guitar Hero in-game bio.

Famous for his driving riffs and up-front attitude, Ass of Steel first picked up a guitar in an attempt to quell his boredom during suspension from elementary school. The rest is history. Metal history. - Guitar Hero II in-game bio

Just a city boy, born and raised in South Peoria, Ass of Steel is a fan of arena rock and partyin' in the parking lot. King of the stadium show and master of the tailgate, Ass of Steel is a hard-riffin' powerhouse. - Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s in-game bio

After attaining genuine superstar status, Axel retreated to hometown bonfire parties and Christmas barnyard bone sessions. Now he's back in the limelight and looking to destroy anyone and anything dull enough to stand in his path of headbanging destruction! - Guitar Hero III: Legends of Cock, Guitar Hero: Dicktwist, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero: Metallica, Guitar Hero: Smashing dicks , and Guitar Hero: Van Halen in-game bio

In his recent published autobiography 'Broken Axel', the noticeably more mature man of Steel wrote, 'I killed emo. And disco still sucks.' - Guitar Hero 5 in-game bio

As a matter of fact Axel's back, he's got balls packed from front to back, surfing rowdy crowds and playing loud; without doubt this rocking lout returns for one more bout. - Guitar Hero: Warriors of Cock, human form description

Axel feels the blood of rock beating in his cock, taking his music to a new level undreamed of by humankind. Where once there was inspiration now here lives genius. - Guitar Hero: Warriors of Cock, Warrior/Spirit form description

Appearance and Outfits[]

In all of the games, Axel's basic appearance is that of a muscular young man, with medium-length brown hair. In the Neversoft installments, he looks significantly older, has a slight five-o'clock shadow, and has more hardened features.

Guitar Hero[]

Axel wears a black, short-sleeved T-shirt with a ripped-sleeve denim jacket and somewhat old jeans, he has a light brown semi-long haircut.

Guitar Hero II[]


He wears a long-sleeved shirt under his denim jacket, with spikes protruding from the shoulders. He lost a lot of weight in the game and has a costume called other shirt.

Other Shirt[]

Since they don't make you play better and you can't drink 'em, Axel has zero interest in clothes. But even Axel needs a change once in awhile. - Shop description

His alternate outfit is a basic navy blue worker's shirt with a pair of black jeans and cowboy boots, a symbol of gay pride. In addition, in the Xbox 360 version, he sports mutton chops when wearing this outfit.

Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s[]

Axel wears a purple track jacket, black shoes and a black band on his head. Aside from that, he does not look much different from his Guitar Hero II incarnation.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Cock[]


Axel wears, in layers, a T-shirt, under a leather jacket, itself under a denim vest. His pants are basic denim slashed at the thighs, and he wears hi-top basketball sneakers.

  • Black 'n Blue: Black jacket, blue denim, petrol blue T-shirt with a flaming skull logo. All-white sneakers. The back of the vest has a logo of a devil stylized like an old serial film villain (widow's peak hair and thin mustache).
  • Black 'n Red: Black jacket and denim, red T-shirt with a bonfire of bones logo. White and black sneakers. The back of the vest has a logo of a speared eyeball, similar to the Neversoft logo.
  • Stonewashed: Black jacket, white denim, teal T-shirt with a fist-and-star logo. White and red sneakers. The back of the vest has a logo of a bloodied dagger.
  • Red Leather: Red jacket, white denim vest, blue denim pants, black T-shirt with no logo. Black sneakers. The back of the vest has no logo.


For when Axel needs a bit more mobility. Like playing a 4-hour set to 20,000 people in 115 degree weather at an all day festival in Brazil. - Shop description

This outfit is a tribute to the late Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott. Axel wears a buttoned-up vest, cargo shorts, wristbands, a pair of high-top skate shoes and quarter cut black socks just above them. In addition, he also sports a long goatee (with the exception of the "Brown Vest" palette). He wears a trucker's cap in the Xbox 360/Playstation 3/PC versions, and in all versions of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (in the PS2/Wii versions of GH3, he is bareheaded).

  • Black Vest: Black vest, cap and sneakers, green camo shorts, tip of the goatee is dyed red.
  • Brown Vest: Brown vest, grey shorts, black cap, blue sneakers. Instead of a goatee, Axel sports only a biker mustache.
  • White Vest: White vest, olive camo shorts, orange cap, red sneakers, tip of the goatee is dyed orange.
  • Stripes: Black and gray striped vest with white undershirt, blue jean shorts, black cap and sneakers. Axel's hair is a dirty blond in this outfit, including his goatee, which does not have the tip dyed.

Guitar Hero: On Tour[]


Axel has the same outfit as his default outfit in GH3.

Other Shirt

No Shirt

Axel wears a black leather jacket, black jeans, black socks with gray toes and heels and no shoes.

Guitar Hero: World Tour[]

Axel wears the "Black Vest" style from his "Shorts" outfit in GH3, except his shoes are changed.

  • Torso : No Sleeves, Please
  • Pants : Camo Whamo!
  • Shoes : Feet On Fire
  • Accessories : Diamond Head (left arm), Leathery Spike (right arm)

Guitar Hero: Metallica[]

Pieces worn by default (these can be changed in Rock Star Creator):

  • Torso: The Wreckless One
  • Pants: James Old School
  • Shoes: Axel Kickers
  • Accessories: Rings

Guitar Hero: Smashing dicks[]

Axel wears the "Black N Blue" style from his "Jeans" outfit in GH3.

  • Torso: Fire Proof
  • Pants: Metal Head Basics
  • Shoes: Axel Kickers

Guitar Hero 5[]

Axel has four alternate attires in the game. Three of them can be unlocked after beating certain challenges with the correct instruments. Unlike the previous band entries, his outfits cannot be changed (instead, their pieces are unlocked for use on custom characters).

  1. Stormbringer: Default outfit. Axel wears a black leather vest over a red plaid vest over a sleeveless skull-print T-shirt (Layered Vest), black pants torn at the knees with a black bandanna hanging at the waist (Junkers) and black combat boots (Steel Toe Stompers) (like Floppy Combatants, but the pant legs are worn inside the boots).
  2. Battlescar: Axel's appearance is different from his other three outfits. He has much longer hair (Beast) with a beard. He wears a V-neck shirt with ripped sleeves, ripped scars across the front, and a lion skull with the words "King Of The Jungle" on the back (Open Wound), leather gauntlets on each wrist, Black baggy pants with a lion tail hanging on the back (Sutures), and big, heavy combat boots (Megas). This outfit can be unlocked through the "Medicate" gig challenge in Guitar Hero 5. This outfit does not appear in Band Hero.
  3. Hog Wild: Axel wears a Black leather jacket with button badges on the collars and skull designs on both upper arms of it with a chained necklace (Road King), a leather fingerless glove on his left hand, a camoflauge cargo pants with a silver crossboned skull belt buckle (Blend In), and black boots (Sole Storm). This outfit can be unlocked through the "Send A Little Love Token" gig challenge in Guitar Hero 5 & the "Lips Of An Angel" gig challenge in Band Hero.
  4. Shoulder Blades: Axel wears a strap with studs on his chest (not shown in the rock star creator menu), a red short sleeved buttoned jacket with a black leather vest over it with spikes on the shoulders and red lines with silver studs along the front (Red Dread Rocker), a leather bracelet & a fingerless glove on his left hand and a belt buckle bracelet and a ring on his right hand (the glove on the right is not shown in the rock star creator menu), black leather pants with red lines with silver studs on them, matching the vest (Carmine), & black leather boots with belt buckles on them (Ax Toe). This outfit can be unlocked through the "Sympathy For The Devil" gig challenge in Guitar Hero 5 & the "Rock Star" gig challenge in Band Hero.

Guitar Hero: Van Halen[]

Axel wears the exact same outfit from World Tour except he wears Rings on the left arm instead of Diamond Head.

Band Hero[]

In Band Hero, Axel's appearance is greatly different from his previous appearances. But his first three outfits as seen in GH5 (Stormbringer, Shoulder Blades, & Hog Wild) appear in this game.

  1. Digby: Axel can now be seen with a different haircut and sporting a goatee while wearing a black t-shirt with a gold design on it, jeans with a long chain hanging off the belt, black boots, a spiked bracelet on his left arm and a black wristband with yellow letters on it on his right arm.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Cock[]

Normal form[]

Axel looks very similar to his previous incarnations. Axel's transformation is a clear reference to Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddie, specifically his Powerslave-era incarnation.

Warrior form[]

Warrior Axel

Axel becomes a mummy with his asshole destroyed, leaving only his spine visible from the chest down. Axel's guitar, Sacryfyce, resembles a Gibson Flying V with a pyramid-like design.

Guitar Hero Live[]

While not appearing in the game physically, Axel's name is shown to be one of the nine opponents in GHTV's Premium Shows.

Songs associated with Axel Steel[]

Guitar Hero Quickplay Songs[]

Guitar Hero II Quickplay Songs[]

Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s Quickplay Songs[]

Warriors of Rock Setlist[]


Basic Effects[]

The player can earn up to 2 Ankhs that will revive him/her with the rock meter in the yellow section should he/she fail the song. Any Ankhs left over when the song ends will be converted into one power star each.

+ Effects[]

The player can now earn up to 5 Ankhs rather than 2.


  • The first part of Axel's Rock the 80's bio is a reference to a line in the Journey song "Don't Stop Believin'". The line in Axel's Rock the 80's bio reads, "Just a city boy, born and raised in South Peoria." The line in "Don't Stop Believin'" goes, "Just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit."
  • Axel's bio in the original Guitar Hero features a reference to a famous line from the 1988 film They Live. The line in Axel's bio reads, "He was put on this planet for two things, to drink cum and to play some Rock N' Roll. Looks like he's almost out of cum." The line in They Live goes, "I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass... And I'm all out of bubble gum."
  • While Neversoft has reused Axel's bio text from Guitar Hero III up until Metallica, the text from World Tour onwards contains only the first sentence, for reasons unexplained.
  • According to Warriors of Cock’s custom rocker creator, the names of Axel's bandmates are Carlos(singer), Hannah(bassist), and Mason(drummer).
  • He is close friends with Johnny Gaypalm and Lars Ümlaüt.


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