Bass guitar in cooperative gameplay in Guitar Hero II, along with characters Pandora and Lars Ümlaüt.

Bass Guitar is a playable instrument in all Guitar Hero games. In pre-Guitar Hero World Tour games, bass was only playable in practice or Cooperative mode. In Guitar Hero World Tour and its successors, the bass guitar was made playable in single player.


Similarly to regular Guitar, the highway is made up of five targets and the note to be played must be matched with its respective target. Bass guitar is used to keep the rhythm of a song so the player will encounter the same beat. Unlike guitar, bass guitar is less likely to contain chords though some of higher tiered songs do contain chords. Tap notes and extended sustains are still part of bass.


Star Power[]

Star Power is gained by hitting all star power notes in a star power sequence. Star power can also be gained by using the whammy bar on star power sustains. Star power can be activated by tilting the guitar up, or by pressing the select button.

Open Note[]

In Guitar Hero: World Tour and onwards a new type of note is present: the open note. The open note is a horizontal purple line in appearance, and spreads across the highway. Because it doesn't match up to a target, the open note is played without holding any fret buttons. Open notes can also be pulled-off. Pull-off open notes glow white, like all hammer-on/pull-off notes. The open note can be considered the easiest type of note to hit but can be difficult when played along with regular colored notes.

Another modified form of the open note exists in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. This is the open sustain. The open sustain is played just like a regular open note. Since no buttons correspond to it, no buttons must be held to sustain it.