Black Widow of La Porte
Performed By John 5 Featuring Jim Root
Year 2007
Appears in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Genre Speed Metal
Guitar Intensity 100%
Bass Intensity 70%
Drums Intensity 70%
Vocals Intensity 0%
Length 7 min 25 sec
Music noicon

The Devil Knows My Name cover.

"Black Widow of La Porte" is a instrumental Speed Metal song by John 5, featuring Jim Root of Slipknot of his solo album The Devil Knows My Name. The song appears in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock as a unlockable song, unlocked by beating the final encore (Sudden Death by Megadeth) in Quest Mode. The song is considered one of the hardest songs on guitar, due to its numerous and blistering guitar solos, as well as it's length making it quite a endurance test. Beating the song on Expert guitar rewards the player with the "Hand Mutilator" achievement.

The problem with this song is there is no one 'hard' section, though the first half is significantly harder than the second. If you can pass your way through the first solos, you should have little trouble. There are two sections, however, seemingly intent to break your hands; Web Spinning and Spider Crawl.

Web Spinning is made up of high speed turns about G-R-G, R-Y-R, R-Y-O, and G-Y-O. They last for one bar each, then half a bar each, then one turn each, making it incredibly complex and snaking around the fret.

Spider Crawl is an extremely difficult section of tap notes in the coda of the song; if you can pass it you have effectively done the song. it is best to save Star Power for this, there is no describable pattern, and it will take a while to combo. It is easier to use one hand, then a second for the quick R-Y-R-B section- though this is far easier said than done.

Star Challenges[]


  • HIGH SCORE (SINGLE): Aim for a high individual score.

Gold: 300,000
Platinum: 450,000
Diamond: 600,000

  • TAP NOTES: Hit Tap Notes without strumming.

Gold: 169
Platinum: 272
Diamond: 427

  • NOTE STREAK: Hit as many notes in a row as you can.

Gold: 200
Platinum: 300
Diamond: 400


  • HIGH SCORE (SINGLE): Aim for a high individual score.

Gold: 252,800
Platinum: 313,100
Diamond: 372,200

  • STAR POWER SCORE (SINGLE): Aim for a high score while in Star Power.

Gold: 40,000
Platinum: 70,000
Diamond: 100,000

  • NOTE STREAK: Hit as many notes in a row as you can.

Gold: 494
Platinum: 632
Diamond: 759


  • HIGH SCORE (SINGLE): Aim for a high individual score.

Gold: 435,200
Platinum: 534,500
Diamond: 608,800

  • RED NOTES: Hit as many as possible.

Gold: 587
Platinum: 718
Diamond: 809

  • KICK NOTES: Hit as many as possible.

Gold: 309
Platinum: 580
Diamond: 966


  • STANDARD HIGH SCORE: No duplicate instruments.

Gold: 725,000
Platinum: 1,385,000
Diamond: 2,085,000

  • NON-STANTARD HIGH SCORE: At least two duplicate instruments.

Gold: 871,000
Platinum: 1,478,000
Diamond: 2,199,000

  • BANK STAR POWER: Fill the SP meter as much as possible.

Gold: 13.10x
Platinum: 16.55x
Diamond: 19.05x


Hell's Belle
8-Legged Intro
Serial Solo A
Serial Solo B
Chorus 1
8-Legged Break 1
Killer Solo A
Killer Solo B
Chorus 2
Root Of All Evil 1
Venom Solo 1
Roof Of All Evil 2
Venom Solo 2A
Venom Solo 2B
Root Of All Evil 3A
Roof Of All Evil 3B
Web Spinning A
Web Spinning B
Chorus 3A
Chorus 3B
8-Legged Break 2
Chorus 4
Red Hourglass 1A
Red Hourglass 1B
Red Hourglass 1C
Super Serial Solo A
Super Serial Solo B
Super Serial Solo C
Super Serial Solo D
Chorus 5
Red Hourglass 2A
Red Hourglass 2B
Red Hourglass 2C
Red Hourglass 2D
Spider Crawl A
Spider Crawl B
Chorus 6
Red Hourglass 3A
Red Hourglass 3B
Red Hourglass 3C
8-Legged Outro
The Devil Knows Your Name


Speeding (Vault Version)
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