hello I'm making a discord server who wants to join send it in the comments and I'll send the most necessary link to have a discord account

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what is the best guitar hero character

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ARichardL98 ARichardL98 19 February

Should there be more admins on this wiki?

While I was editing some characters' pages on this wiki, I had noticed in the History section of the edits that some people were inserting spammy edits and vandalism in the pages. Clearly, that can't be permitted here. Could this wiki/fandom use another admin? If so, do you think I'd fare as an admin here? I have an abundance of time on my hands which means I can check back on this wiki regularly and be quick to catch anyone making any spammy edits, or worse, fanon edits. Fanon edits became a huge issue on the Rock Band wiki, so I recently became an admin there to put to a stop to all of it. I most certainly don't want any fanon edits or spam edits becoming a huge issue here either.

If for any reason you object to be becoming an admin, I'll…

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POWERStarz2004 POWERStarz2004 17 October 2020

Archive 2

For Version 01, see here.

  • A: Also available as part of the Dig Out Your Soul album.
  • B: Also available as part of Lynyrd Skynyrd 01.
  • C: Also available as part of Queen 02.
  • D: Also available as part of Blink-182 01.
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Somerandomguy93 Somerandomguy93 20 August 2020

My Guitar Hero Game Idea

So I had this idea for a guitar hero game (though we might not ever see one again, but a man can dream). I call it, Guitar Hero: Reawakened. The quest mode for this picks up, let us say, a year or 2 after the events of Warriors of Rock. The Demi-god witnesses terrible events as EVERY warrior (some that did not get warrior forms in WoR will receive one as well as 2 characters debuting in this game), except for 3 (Axel Steel, Johnny Napalm, and Judy Nails), are under the spell of an unknown entity (revealed to be Lou later on) The demi-god, realizing the 3 that are unaffected will not be able to handle the threat without a fourth member, seeks out Izzy Sparks (also unaffected) to recruit him and join the three in free the others from the spe…

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Lildinker Lildinker 26 July 2020

Marcus Bjorn name

Marcus-God of war,warlike                                                                 Fjorn-musically inclined,takes up responsibilities,artisic,very idealistic,generosity,and very uplifting jovial

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Lildinker Lildinker 26 July 2020

Rhythm Talk

This playable jovial yet stern character does talk in rhythm yes he does like 🎸 playing,bass lines,drum patterns and singing.He's a Captain Ersatz of Brandon Small Skwisgaar Skwigelf from the hits series Metalocalypse.His watchmaker points out what's going on through the cartoon series with Skwisgaar.He laughs at his silly boisterous antics the whole time.Marcus defences himself with Ygwie Malmsteen in his personality and soft approach to those he meets within actual people with vocal talents,personalities behind the scenes for Guitar Hero.He's also know to be project his persons as Alexi Lehofrom Children of Bodom with his tribal fretboard destroyer electric guitar.Power metal,speed metal,trash metal and Scandinavian death metal.

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Henry Foster Sonic Henry Foster Sonic 3 March 2020

Part Of My Dream Guitar Hero Setlist

So I've thought up some songs that I thought would make a great Guitar Hero, that haven't been on-disc or DLC before, not including the DS titles. It's in Warriors Of Rock format and I've also changed some genres.


The Clash - London Calling

The Offspring - All I Want


Linkin Park - One Step Closer

Marilyn Manson - Dried Up, Tied And Dead To The World

Crush 40 - I Am (All Of Me)

White Zombie - More Human Than Human

Korn - Got The Life

Slipknot - Duality

Boom Crash Opera - Gimme

Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice

Nine Inch Nails - March Of The Pigs

ENCORE: Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl


Nirvana - Breed

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Knock Me Down

Primus - Jer…

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Bluerock Bluerock 6 September 2019

Wiki Manager introduction

Hi! My name is Bluerock, and I’m the Wiki Manager for WikiHero. I am here to help the community and serve as a liaison to Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., feel free to drop me a message!

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SpecialOperationsTrooper SpecialOperationsTrooper 20 January 2019

Warrior of the Snake

I am the Malayan Pit Viper!

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POWERStarz2004 POWERStarz2004 12 March 2018

Archive 1

For Version 02, see here.

  • A: Cover version of the song, rather than a master recording.
  • B: Xbox 360 exclusive.
  • C: PlayStation 3 exclusive.
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POWERStarz2004 POWERStarz2004 10 November 2017



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POWERStarz2004 POWERStarz2004 10 November 2017

PlayStation 3 songs


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StaringIntoTheVoid StaringIntoTheVoid 25 June 2017

Guitar Hero: Weird Al

  • 1
  • 2 Story
  • 3 Tiers
  • 4 Warm Up
    • 4.1 Opening Act
    • 4.2 Al
  • 5 Going Somewhere Hilarious
    • 5.1 Opening Act
    • 5.2 Al
  • 6 Now This Is Music
    • 6.1 Opening Act
    • 6.2 Al
  • 7 Paradiso
    • 7.1 Opening Act
    • 7.2 Al
  • 8 AlCon
    • 8.1 Opening Act
    • 8.2 Al
  • 9 We Want Al
    • 9.1 Opening Act
    • 9.2 Al
  • 10 Weird Al and the Guitar Heroes vs. The Forces of Evil
    • 10.1 Opening Act
    • 10.2 Al
  • 11 It's All Over
  • 12 The Guitar Heroes
  • 13 The Guitar
  • 14 Thoughts?

I was thinking: There is a lack of "Weird Al" Yankovich parodies in music games. Therefore, I have the idea of a Weird Al edition Guitar Hero game. So, here it is!

The story of the game is that Al is back in his hometown of Lynwood, California looking for an opening act for his tour. He tells his guitarist Jim West he's looking for a band who plays "serious music" so that can offset his brand of parodies of p…

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SonictheHedgehogFan24 SonictheHedgehogFan24 21 December 2016

(Fan Game) Starlight Coaster: Rock Band

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know I have thought of creating a fan Guitar Hero​/Rock Band game entitled "Starlight Coaster: Rock Band." This game is mainly based on Guitar Hero II, and includes songs from Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II, Guitar Hero (Encore): Rocks the 80's, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, and some from the Rock Band series.

  • 1 Description
  • 2 Setlist
    • 2.1 Main Setlist
      • 2.1.1 1. Icebreakers
      • 2.1.2 2. Heating Up
      • 2.1.3 3. Success Snappers
      • 2.1.4  4. Burning it Down
      • 2.1.5  5. A Shredder's Comeback
      • 2.1.6 6. Riding Riffs
      • 2.1.7 8. The Grand Finale
    • 2.2 Bonus Setlist
      • 2.2.1 Guitar Hero
      • 2.2.2 Guitar Hero II
      • 2.2.3 Guitar Hero (Encore): Rocks the 80’s
      • 2.2.4 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
      • 2.2.5 Rock Band 1-4
      • 2.2.6 One More Time DLC (Tier 1-4)
        • Tier 1
        • Tier 2
        • 2.2.6…

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The Epicness9000 The Epicness9000 4 December 2016

Picture Package

Here are some pictures for the Wikia Pages.

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Fastkak Fastkak 21 November 2016

Guitar Hero Complete Collection (PS3)

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Fastkak Fastkak 19 October 2016


I'm going to buy some Guitar Hero soon.

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SonictheHedgehogFan24 SonictheHedgehogFan24 12 February 2016

Quick Question

I'm just wondering, but if you were to change the note chart of a song in a game (such as Guitar Hero 2) to a song (such as "Surrender"), will the band still be playing along because the song is still the same song, or will they be doing absolutely nothing, because they know the new note chart actually makes the same song (again, such as "Surrender") a "custom song" due to the new charting?

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SonictheHedgehogFan24 SonictheHedgehogFan24 12 December 2015

Guitar Hero II: Best Guitar Hero Ever

To me, I love Guitar Hero 2. Sure, I haven't played it since I was 5-7 years old, but its still one heck of a game to play. Its one of the best games in the Guitar Hero series, even better than the original! Heck, a game I've been thinking of, Everlife: Rock Band (which includes a mix of songs from Guitar Hero 1, 2, 80s, 3, and Rock Band) is actually BASED on this game. Everything in this game: the music, the characters, the venues, the new Practice & Co-Op modes, EVERYTHING is epic! I wish that ALL the games in the series were like this (yes, even Guitar Hero Live).

My opinions on each of the sections:

  • The music is the greatest part about the whole game. Sure, most of the songs are covers, but this is for a reason because the game is about …

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SonictheHedgehogFan24 SonictheHedgehogFan24 3 November 2015

Guitar Hero is RUINED!

What happened to the old Guitar Hero we used to know? What happened to all the epic characters such as Johnny Napalm, Izzy Sparks, & Axel Steel? What happened to the covers of epic music (don't get me wrong, the covers for "Killing in the Name," "Search & Destroy," "Who Was In My Room Last Night?," "Surrender," & "Psychobilly Freakout" in Guitar Hero 2 were awesome)? What happened to the 5-colored fret guitar? I get that people had trouble with hitting the orange fret to play those hard chords, such as the Green-Orange chord in "DEAD!" by My Chemical Romance in the XBOX 360 edition of Guitar Hero II. What happened to awesome venues like The Blackout Bar, Backyard Bash, or The 13th Rail? 

All in all, the new Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero LIVE, is…

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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 14 April 2015

Activision Announces Guitar Hero Live

Activision has formally announced a brand-new iteration of the Guitar Hero franchise. After a five year hiatus, the series will return with Guitar Hero Live. The new music game will be developed by FreeStyleGames and published by Activision. Guitar Hero Live will be released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U, as well as select mobile devices.

Fans can expect a brand new Guitar Controller. Unlike previous version of the controller-instrument, this time around the guitar has been redesigned to enhance the gameplay experience. The new, modern controller features two rows of three buttons, one row of white and one row of black, that better reflect the feel of playing a real guitar. Beginners and Experts alike w…

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Queen Armada Queen Armada 7 April 2014

Heavy Guitars Members of G3   These are all G3 in Japan and guitarists like John Petrucci.There are more greats on these tracks and album.Its call Transformer Car Robots OST and has a G3 group in Japan.We don't know the heavy guitarists but these type of guitarisits are not just guitar solo experts but go that extra to bring us harder guitar techniques.Unknown to North America but we got our guitarist and his band playing organ and synthesizer and complete band G3 Japan.

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Cakedude222 Cakedude222 21 July 2013

Does anybody even come here?

I feel like the only user who edits here that is not a anonymous editor. This place is so dead and I was wondering does anybody even comes to this wiki at all? Even the only admin of the wiki is inactive. 

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Cakedude222 Cakedude222 12 December 2012

Let's revive this wiki!

I noticed this wiki is almost dead. Barely anyone comes here anymore. Guys please try to revive this wiki! Do anything as possible to revive this wiki!

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ThunderDragonRandy ThunderDragonRandy 6 December 2012

Guitar Hero 7

There is an article on Kotaku today, stating that there was going to be a Guitar Hero 7 but it was canceled. Nonetheless, I just created a page about Guitar Hero 7 on the WikiHero. And IGN posted a video about the development of Guitar Hero 7.

Post your thoughts about this in the comments below.

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Wildcats11630 Wildcats11630 28 November 2012

What Is Happening?

Why is there so much spam/ vandalism on this wiki, is there even a present admin?

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ThunderDragonRandy ThunderDragonRandy 25 May 2012

My gosh the editing is going crazy here!

I hope that there aren't any vandals around. If anyone knows anyone here that has been spamming or vandalizing this Wiki, let me know ASAP and I will take care of it. I don't know if I trust Votaw's edits because he is spam-adding categories to songs. He might be a spammer. I kind of trust Adrián Perry Gómez Zúñiga more. Nonetheless, if anyone is spamming (with nonsense) or vandalizing, just let me know in the comments below or on my message wall.

And sorry for my inactivity; I am too busy on the Ninja Saga Wiki but I will be on this Wiki at least once a month (at the start of every month, I do change the Feature Article of the Month by searching random pages but I haven't really changed the Featured Video that much as I still have that set…

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Queen Armada Queen Armada 26 April 2012

New Guitar Heros

Guitar Hero could have new guitar Heros especially Def Leppard,Rush,Triumph,Robert Plant{cover Zeppelin and Jason Bonham Band},KISS,G3,Whitesnake,Big bands.They could have a Guitar Hero about the ages of rock and metal of early 80's Guitar Hero Metal to 1989 and 90's Guitar Hero Big Bands.They could have the Monsters of Rock Tour. U2  is a major ally and friend and are metallers in their interviews they are the same.All metallers are fans of U2 and they get metal in to famous snobby places.Skydome is full of metal memories in Jan. to Dec in cold and fall.Memories with the big bands. http://www.robertp…

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Queen Armada Queen Armada 19 September 2011

Guitar music stunts

Guitar playing involves alot of stunts with their guitars and the professionals have alot of voltage and media linked to their guitars.They can do stunts and are flexible and make sounds like a synthethizer.Their guitars have complicated devices inside and the strings are meant to be bent around to make the stunt noises and many of their notes they do can blow out a guitar and are very damaging and are done with the special equipment the professional guitar.Music from music books and the treble clef with the notation is telling you to do guitar techniques with the pause and every line with signatures and notations telling you to do things in general not the mixed hammer-onns and slides and every other guitar method.Music book is based on s…

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Queen Armada Queen Armada 6 September 2011

Guitar hero ACTION!

I thought that Guitar hero could have action like Skateboarder game.There could be so many concepts and boards and then to control the jamming as a player.And when you buy special guitar controllers they give you types of powers in guitar and many types.And Guitar Master is a great controller selection type.Action guitarist during a day and night scenes with city and suburbs scene and motorcycle and sports car.Guitar can fire things at characters.And to make it to the concert hall or stadium.Re-live any decade like Big Bands era of 1980's to 90's and 70's.Board and online board.Guitarist can select a weapon or to do his skills like chores on a llst.Or the Nintendo to zap and get past enemy characters and then use guitar as a magic weapon v…

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Skullvarnish Skullvarnish 24 August 2011

Song articles

Obviously, I'm new here. So, I don't really know they way things work here. But, I just wanted to address something. Why is it that the articles for songs in the newer games (5, Van Halen, Warriors of Rock, etc.) are pretty much just copy and pasted Wikipedia articles about those songs? The articles for older games' songs talk about the difficulty of the song and just more stuff that pertains to the song as it relates to Guitar Hero. I feel like all song articles should be like that. I'm willing to put in a great deal of effort to see this happen. Electric Boogaloo 19:19, August 24, 2011 (UTC)

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ThunderDragonRandy ThunderDragonRandy 27 July 2011

It's been so long since I was here.

Sorry for me being inactive in the WikiHero. I have been so busy editing the Ninja Saga Wiki. So how are you editors been doing here and why do I always forget about the WikiHero? lol Well, it has been almost a months since I was last here; the last I was here is when I changed the featured article of the month.

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DerekRobertHaberer DerekRobertHaberer 8 July 2011

Vegeta and Nappa vs. Goku

It's Over 9000!

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ThunderDragonRandy ThunderDragonRandy 30 May 2011

I'm bored.

My first blog in this wikia and my feelings about it. As a staff here of the WikiHero, besides creating the background and the logo, I don't know what I want to do here. :P In the past, I have been editing the Cheat Codes page a lot, listing cheat codes in the GH games in a format I thought would be nice, and then I made a few song pages including Fury of the Storm. I usually come here in this Wikia twice or three times a week to check on some pages and I usually only edit pages with some grammar/spelling issues.

I was planning out making every song page to have a basic Guitar Hero infobox but since there are SO MANY songs without one, I just screwed doing it. I don't really know what I should do here now without wasting a lot of time. Howe…

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Zuess the Guitar Lord Zuess the Guitar Lord 20 May 2011

Guest Songs for GH: JP

Here they are (in no specific order):

1. Dio- Metal Will Never Die

2. Iron Maiden- Wasted Years

3. Stormtroopers of Death- Bigger than the Devil

4. Three Inches of Blood- Deadly Sinners

5. Clutch- Impetus

6. Drowning Pool- Reminded

7. Black Sabbath- Time Machine

8. System of a Down- Bounce

9. Disturbed- Down with the Sickness

10. Slipknot- Wait and Bleed

Let me know if you have any other ideas.

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Zuess the Guitar Lord Zuess the Guitar Lord 20 May 2011

Guitar Hero: Judas Preist

It would be cool to have another metal band-based game. Here is the setlist:

(intro part thing)

1. United

2. Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown)

3. Metal Gods

ENCORE: Revolution

Metal Works

1. Diamonds & Rust

2. Love Bites

3. Heavy Metal

ENCORE: Breaking the Law

London System

1. Turbo Lover

2. Wild Nights (Hot and Crazy Days)

3. Hell Bent for Leather

ENCORE: You've got Another Thing Comin'

Berlin Club

1. Ram it Down

2. Sin After Sin

3. Sinner

ENCORE: Grinder

Chicago Castle

1. Blood Red Skies

2. Out in the Cold

3. Before the Dawn

ENCORE: Metal Meltdown

Metal Strarosphere

1. Exciter

2. Red White and Blue

3. A Touch of Evil

ENCORE: Tyrant

Palace of Metal

1. Electric Eye/ The Hellion

2. Freewheel Burning

3. Painkiller

ENCORE: Nightcrawler

If you have any other suggestio…

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Babyjabba Babyjabba 9 February 2011

Activision Dumps Guitar Hero

Bad news Guitar Hero aficionados... Activision announced today, that they will "disband Activision Publishing's Guitar Hero business unit!" The company has ceased development on their planned 2011 game, but it is unclear if DJ Hero is also canceled. Activision blames a declining interest in music genre games and maintain that they "desire to focus on the greatest opportunities that the company currently has to create the world's best interactive entertainment experiences."

Are you devastated? They did leave one glimmer of hope, saying the brand would need to be "re-assessed" going forward....

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Itsonlyspen Itsonlyspen 18 November 2010

Guitar Hero the Animated Series?

Why is it that every mention of the game on the character pages also mention an animated series? I've searched around the internet and it only comes back to this wiki, but no actual page about it.

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Carinodren Carinodren 27 September 2010

I'm stil a newb in GH. please help

Hi. My real name is Adrian Carino, and I made this to ask some questions regarding GH.

As I've said I'm still a newb, but I've been trying Expert mode(and i'm stuck). My GH is "different" from other GH's, so it was called "hacked guitar hero". Anyways, our GH also DON'T have tutorials. My question/s is/are:

1. What is Hammer-ons and pull-offs? I've been reading, but I need more explanation regarding these two.

2. I've been watching TTFAF in Youtube. Here's the link: I have noticed that from 00:32 to 00:54, he/she HOLDS the buttons, and he/she doesn't fail(he/she's done this many times in the song). Is this some kind of a cheat? Or not? Some guys also use this in Last resort, and Dead!

3. Some guys co…

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BlazingGuitar14 BlazingGuitar14 10 August 2010

midori's favorite band?

i'm wondering who is midori's favorite band?

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Miyah Miyah 9 May 2010


Hey, everyone im the dark princess of rock and i love the dark world its awsome my band rocks its inspiring we show you the dark road of rock thats what makes it unique and my brothhers band is blacksnack and blacksnake check thoose there on gutiar hero 111+11 we will rock your house into the sky i know how to play on medium and a little hard and i've been playing sense i was 2 on easy and medium it has been a experince to me and im 9 about to turn 10 wow

your one and only


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Miyah Miyah 9 May 2010


check out AAA its my band on gutiar hero 111 +11 so check it out we rock dude

by your one and only Miyah 20:42, May 9, 2010 (UTC)PREZIOUZ

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Woohoosong2 Woohoosong2 27 March 2010


I want make this Wiki better,no matter how high I am while doing it. (Like right now!)

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Mickey13ha Mickey13ha 28 January 2010

what do you like a bout gutar hero

what is your song

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BlueJacketGuy BlueJacketGuy 25 October 2009

The Next Band Game

Hey I know what the next band game could be. According to the pattern I found, which says that the band game's artist has a song in the series (but not specifically the first) 2 main games before it is released. Last Child by Aerosmith was in GH 2, One by Metallica was in GH 3, & Hot For Teacher by Van Halen was in GH World Tour (4). This means that an artist who has a song in GH 5 should have the next band game.

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Kiwi1411 Kiwi1411 30 September 2009

Under Pressure?

Anybody else feeling really pressured in this world? Like I said in my description, I am very pressured. Anything under an A in my grades is unexceptable and I can't show saddness or anger without without getting barked at about needing a shrink.  My mom tries to fill all of my time with chores, school, exercise, and anything else she can think of. Anybody else's parents control freaks?

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