"Bring Me to Life" is the first single from Evanescence's multi-platinum debut album Fallen. At the 46th Grammy Awards 2004 Grammy Awards, the song was honored with the award for Best Hard Rock Performance. This song appears in Band Hero.

When the single was released, the track order of Fallen had not yet been finalized; although the single states the A-side and B-side "Farther Away" is the Album Version, it was eventually dropped from Fallen. The Bliss Mix of "Bring Me to Life", another B-side on the single, is the original version of the song before Paul McCoy's vocals were written for the Daredevil soundtrack.

Different versions of the "Bring Me to Life" single have been released, such as promos, DVDs and versions with altered track orders. A well known version, considered to be a collector's item, is the first pressing of the Australian single. On this version, the fourth track was not the video version of "Bring Me to Life", but another B-side titled "Missing". This track was removed in subsequent pressings, and was eventually released with Anywhere but Home.

There are two other demo versions of "Bring Me to Life" known to exist, both having been leaked onto the Internet. Both are often referred to as an 'acoustic version'; however, neither are available on any album; instead they can occasionally be found through websites or peer-to-peer networks. Both versions are similar in composition, with only a few differences — such as Amy Lee's voice being warped in the intro to one — setting them apart. The song itself is mainly made up of electric guitar and assorted digital sound effects. Neither of the demos feature the vocals of Paul McCoy like their Fallen counterpart. This original cut of the song lacks the piano in the intro, and features a guitar solo during the breakdown.

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