Custom Songs is a fan term used to describe songs created by the community that is not part of the official Guitar Hero series' setlists. Users create their own note charts to match songs, created in unofficial third-party software, then input these "custom songs" into their game.

Currently, there are only tools to input songs into these games:

  • Guitar Hero (PS2)
  • Guitar Hero II (PS2)
  • Guitar Hero II (360)
  • Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80's (PS2)
  • Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PC, Wii, PS2, 360)
  • Guitar Hero World Tour (PC, Wii)

The Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero 3 requires a modded 360. Same goes to the PlayStation 2 and Wii version.

Note chart-editing softwareEdit

There are different unofficial third-party software used to chart songs for Guitar Hero games, specifically the PC Guitar Hero games (but can work with consoles with use of other third-party software), including but not limited to:

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