Death Magnetic is the ninth studio album by Metallica and was released as downloadable content for Guitar Hero 3. It is cross-compatible with Guitar Hero World Tour, and can be downloaded from GHWT as well (although only "Broken, Beat & Scarred", "Cyanide" and "My Apocalypse" can be downloaded in the Wii version). The game is also cross-compatible with Guitar Hero: Metallica, and the game will automatically detect and add 9 of the songs in the album into the setlist (the exception being "All Nightmare Long", which is already included in the main setlist), although due to the Wii and PS2's inability to download the full album, "Broken Beat & Scarred", "Cyanide" and "My Apocalypse" will be already included in the game.

It is to be noted, also, that the instrumental track "Suicide and Redemption" was released in two versions: one played by James Hetfield (thus dubbed "J.H."), and the other played by Kirk Hammett (therefore titled "K.H.").

There are many complaints about the sound quality of the retail version of the album, and many fans believe that the audio files on the DLC sounds better.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

  1. "That Was Just Your Life" 7:08
  2. "The End of the Line" 7:52
  3. "Broken, Beat & Scarred" 6:25
  4. "The Day That Never Comes" 7:56
  5. "All Nightmare Long" 7:58
  6. "Cyanide" 6:40
  7. "The Unforgiven III" 7:47
  8. "The Judas Kiss" 8:01
  9. "Suicide & Redemption" 9:58
  10. "My Apocalypse" 5:01
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