Electric Eye --
by Judas Priest
Tier: 6

Electric Eye is a song by Judas Priest that is one of the hardest songs of the game.


This should spell trouble right in front of your fingers. After The Hellion, your fingers will feel like you broke a bone. The Main verses involve simple rapid-fire strumming but the main riff and the hectic solo will you keep on you toes. Have star power saved up especially for that.

The solo in Encore: Rocks the 80's is harder than the one in Smash Hits, the reason being the inclusion of Tap Notes in Smash Hits which makes the latter part of the solo easier to play.


GH SH - Electric Eye (Expert Band) 1,3 Mio

GH SH - Electric Eye (Expert Band) 1,3 Mio. Points

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