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This song was written during the time of that most of the band equipment from Metallica was stolen including an amplifier given to Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitarist James Hetfield from his mother. James Hetfield was depressed during this time and came up with this song. The song is about a person contemplating suicide and then finally doing it. James Hetfield also got third degree burn while preforming this song on stage. During this time it has been said that James Hetfield and Drummer Lars Ulrich were really into death at this time.

In Guitar Hero: Metallica this song is reminiscent of One as it is rather simple to play up until the solo. While said solo is not quite as difficult as One, it still poses a huge challenge due to the extremely fast hammer-on/pull-off sequences. It is easier to complete them by strumming the first note and then tapping with your strumming hand, but unlike the Guitar Hero: Metallica version of One the notes are hammer-ons/pull-offs and not taps, making its faster sections potentially harder as if you miss a note while tapping you will have to quickly move your strumming hand to the strum bar. Since the song is relatively easy for the most part, a good idea is to store up star power for the faster sections of the solo in order to pass it.

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