Fascination Street
Performed By The Cure
Year 1989
Appears in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Genre Alternative
Guitar Intensity 30%
Bass Intensity 30%
Drums Intensity 60%
Vocals Intensity 60%
Length 5 min 12 sec
Music noicon

Disintegration cover.

"Fascination Street" is a song by the British alternative rock band The Cure. It was only released as a single in the United States. Featured on the soundtrack to the 1989 movie Lost Angels. Adam Horovitz from the Beastie Boys was in the film. The songs exsists in "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" in the playlist of Judy Nails.


Fascination Groove 1
Descending Break
Guitar Hook 1
Fascination Groove 2
Chorus 1
Fascination Groove 3
Guitar Hook 2A
Guitar Hook 2B
Chorus 2
Chorus Out


Oh, it's opening time
Down on Fascination Street
So let's cut the conversation
Get out for a bit

'Cause I feel it a fading
And pailing and I'm begging to drag you down with me
To kick the last nail in

Yeah, I like you in that
Like I like you to scream, but if you
Open your mouth

Then I can't be responsible for
Quite what goes in
Or to care what comes out

So just pull on your hair
Just on your pout and let's
Move to the beat

Like we know that it's over
If you slip going under slip
Over my shoulders, so just

Pull on your face
Just pull on your feet
And let's hit opening time
Down on Fascination Street

So, pull on your hair
Pull on your pout
Cut the conversation just
Open your mouth

Pull on your face
Pull on your feet
Let's hit opening time

Down on Fascination Street
Down on Fascination Street
Down on Fascination Street
Down on Fascination Street
On Fascination Street


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