Black Label Society's Mafia

"Fire It Up" is a single by Black Label Society from their critically-acclaimed 2005 release Mafia. The song is the opening track on the album, on which vocalist, lead guitarist and frontman Zakk Wylde makes frequent use of a talk box, primarily for playing the main riff, which has a unique "moaning" sound.

Appears In[edit | edit source]

Guitar Hero (bonus)

This song appears as a Master Track.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Fire it Up isn't very hard, it's metal, it's chunky, therefore it is pretty slow. However take into consideration that Zakk Wylde is the guitarist which will tell you that the solo is going to be pretty difficult. Don't worry because it doesn't come for a while and there are plenty of SP Phrases located in slow repetitive chord patterns so you should have no trouble storing some star power.

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