Freak on a Leash
Performed by KoЯn
Year 1998
Appears in Guitar Hero World Tour
Guitar Hero Live
Tier variable
★★★★ (Expert)
★★★★★ (Expert)

Freak on a Leash is a song by American nu metal band KoЯn. It was their second single from their album Follow the Leader (1998). It reached number 6 on Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks. KoЯn won a Grammy for "Best Short Form Music Video" in 2000 for this song.

Appears InEdit

Guitar Hero World Tour

This song appears as a Master Track.

Tiers (career)

Guitar - 5. Amoeba Records (Los Angeles)

Bass - 10. Will Heilm's Keep (England) (encore)

Drums - 14. Ozzfest (Germany)

Vocals - 5. Swamp Shack (Louisiana)

Band - 8. Wilted Orchid (Sweden)


The guitar part is easy, the only problem you should have with it is in the "da boom" part.

The bass part, however, is kind of confusing in the verses with that open strum-red-blue part. Once you play it a few times, you'll still have to deal with the pre-chorus, which is also easy. The chorus has a LOT of open strums, you'll have to get used to them. The second pre-chorus is full of slides, so beware. The "da boom" part, it sure has an AWFUL LOT of open strums. That's all there is to it.

The drums are even more confusing. If you're a cheater, Auto Kick will help a lot. You'll just have to worry about the confusing accents, try to not try to hard-hit them. The pre-chorus is confusing too, but not so much. The chorus is the easiest part. The "da boom" part is just like the verses, but with much less kicks. The "fight" part is easy.

The vocals can be kinda weird sometimes. But there's nothing to worry about it. The "da boom" and "buy" parts are the easiest, as they're just speaking.


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