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From the Blue/Point of No Return/TTRTS is a song that is 10 minutes and 4 seconds, being in the "epic" category when you are sorting the setlist by duration. This song is from the Neversoft Thanks the Fans track pack for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. This is actually a collection of 3 "An Endless Sporadic" songs from their eponymous album.

Bridges[edit | edit source]

The "Bridge" sections are quite strange as the song waits a few seconds to get on to The Triangular Race Through Space (TTRTS), then there is a BO hammer-on. After that, there is more spaced out chord hammer-ons. This then will reverse to The Not The Enemy sections (a reference to Prisoner of Society, which was a playable song in Guitar Hero World Tour), which starts with G Y Y G Fills. TTRTS starts with the hand-cramping Blizzard of Thoth (a reference to Mr. Crowley, also a song from World Tour) and contains the famous Sweatin' Solo, known for being easier than most late game solos and its YBYBYB fills.

Intensity[edit | edit source]

This song is quite hard, with a 100% drums intensity, and a guitar intensity of 90%. There is no singing in this song. Also, the bass is 90%.

-- 18:48, July 20, 2012 (UTC)

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