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From the Blue/Point of No Return/TTRTS is a song that is 10 minutes and 4 seconds, being in the "epic" category when you are sorting the setlist by duration. This song is from the Neversoft Thanks the Fans track pack for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. This is actually a collection of 3 "An Endless Sporadic" songs from their eponymous album.

Bridges Edit

The "Bridge" sections are quite strange as the song waits a few seconds to get on to The Triangular Race Through Space (TTRTS), then there is a BO hammer-on. After that, there is more spaced out chord hammer-ons. This then will reverse to The Not The Enemy sections (a reference to Prisoner of Society, which was a playable song in Guitar Hero World Tour), which starts with G Y Y G Fills. TTRTS starts with the hand-cramping Blizzard of Thoth (a reference to Mr. Crowley, also a song from World Tour) and contains the famous Sweatin' Solo, known for being easier than most late game solos and its YBYBYB fills.

Intensity Edit

This song is quite hard, with a 100% drums intensity, and a guitar intensity of 90%. There is no singing in this song. Also, the bass is 90%.

-- 18:48, July 20, 2012 (UTC)

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