Full Combo, more commonly abbreviated as FC, is the term that refers to beating a song while correctly playing every note without overstrumming. This is different from simply scoring 100% on a song, since one can "break" (reset) their Multiplier, by overstrumming, and still play 100% of the notes. Every single song in the entire series has been FC'd on Expert difficulty by at least one person. The NTSC/Xbox 360 version of Trogdor, which was the final song to be FC'd, is impossible on a guitar controller due to the strumming speed of a part of the song exceeding the strum limit for guitar controllers on said versions of Guitar Hero II. In June 2021, player Sixstringcal GH was able to FC Trogdor NTSC on an unmodded Xbox 360 with a special guitar that was recognized by the game as a gamepad controller, thus having no strum limit. (Video here:

FBFC - Full Band Full Combo, meaning that the maximum amount of people in a band (in a majority of cases, guitar, drums, bass, and vocals) FC a song without any duplicate instruments if the song does not include all four instruments.

OMBFCOne Man Band Full Combo, meaning that each instrument in a song has been FC'd by the same person.

FGFC - Full Game Full Combo, meaning that a player has FC'd every on-disc setlist song in the game, this does not include DLC songs.

FSFC - Full Series Full Combo, meaning that a player has Full Game FC'd every game in the series.

On Guitar, an FSFC has been achieved by 11 people. The first ever FSFC was performed by supermarble94 back in September of 2011. The list of FSFC'ers is below in chronological order:

1) supermarble94

2) kramral

3) PrestonxPunk

4) stepmania40

5) megapengproductions

6)A Wise Moose

7) Acai

8) WallpeSH

9) DarklyPlays

10) flamyphantom

11) KingInferno93

Oddballzfrank was technically the first person to get an FSFC, but did so before Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock was released. Having never finished an FGFC of that game when it did release, he does not have an FSFC.

Players such as GHAddict112, RobGHH, UndeadFil13QC, and HereAtLongLast92 are only missing one song for an FSFC. Those songs being Pandora's Box from Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (This is due to the song not being unlocked by the Unlock All Songs Cheat Code), I'm the One from Guitar Hero: Van Halen, and Through the Fire and Flames from Guitar Hero: Smash Hits.

On Bass, an FSFC has been achieved by 13 people: Machchunk, Baseballplaya987, RobTheTigerGH, Arvain65, superspaz117, PrestonxPunk, RobGHH, GHX, alexhaz64, CyanCrayonGH, KinGod, BlackMateria92, and dayzeed.

On Vocals, an FSFC has been obtained by 7 people: airshock22, GHX, justrokit, Siden Entertainment, MrWhYYZ, RevengeOfParzrevenge, and SneakCoot.

On Drums, an FSFC has been obtained by 3 people: smarockRBdayzeed, and JoelD77.

Interestingly, dayzeed has also FSFC'd the Rock Band series on drums, and is the first ever person to have obtained an FSFC on both the Guitar Hero series and the Rock Band series.

Additionally, Bradmasta is the first and so far only person to have a FSFC of the guitar series on clone hero, which is made more impressive as he's also done all DLC charts and a lot of beta/otherwise inaccessible charts on console, and is working towards FCing all guitar hero live songs.