Gratitude is by the American hip hop group Beastie Boys. It is in Guitar Hero 5 at the venue, Club Boson. The bonus challenge is for guitar. To get gold you need to tap 15 tap notes (if you have a GH:WT or GH:5 guitar controller,) for platinum you need 24 taps, and for diamond you need 35 taps. This will earn you Judy Nails's Big Knee Pin outfit.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Playing guitar on Gratitude isn't hard throughout the first half of the song. When you get to the tap section, you need speedy fingers to match up with the icons. Strumming not recommended.

Bass has several more notes than the guitar does on Gratitude, but all in all it shouldn't be difficult to ace on any level.

There are very few lyrics as far as singing goes, and the song is sung in nearly the same note/s ever time. For anyone, singing low in the same tone and pitch can even get you 100% if done correctly. It's very simple.

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