Guitar Battle vs. Tom Morello
Performed by Tom Morello
Year 2007
Appears in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Tier Your First Real Gig
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The Guitar Battle vs Tom Morello is the easiest of the three boss battles in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. The song is played by you and Tom switching off playing a solo, and features the wah-pedal, which Tom uses frequently in his guitar playing in Rage Against the Machine. To beat Morello, get a power-up (which happens about every other time you play) and use it to stop him for getting any power ups (also about every other time he plays). He is most susceptible to Amp Overload, Whammy, and Broken String power-ups. If you don't beat Tom before your last stage (Hand Mangler Stage 8), You have to stop him from delivering Sudden Death in his solo called "Widow-Mayka" at the end of the song. Some players say that if this was available for full band play, and had the same difficulty rating system as Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock, Guitar would have an 80%, Bass would have a 40%, and Drums would have a 40%. On the lowest difficulty levels, there are simply so few notes to play that it can be very difficult to actually cause him to fail, with most attempts going to Sudden Death..


The full version of this song is called "Tom Morello Guitar Battle", and was available in the Boss Battles Pack DLC for free before April 1st, 2014, when they shut down the Guitar Hero franchise's DLC stores. Unlike the Guitar Battle version of this song, it is found in the "Downloads" playlist and you can also play this in Career Mode and Quickplay.


If real-life guitar battles featured power-ups such as the ones featured in battle mode, and if one were to be challenging Tom Morello in real-life, he probably wouldn't be quite as susceptible to the Whammy power-up, as Tom is famous for using the whammy bar on his guitars to make them sound like a DJ's turntable.