Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

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*[[Jimmy Crespo]] - lead guitar (1980-1984)
*[[Jimmy Crespo]] - lead guitar (1980-1984)
*[[Rick Dufay]] - rhythm guitar (1982-1984)
*[[Rick Dufay]] - rhythm guitar (1982-1984)
==Diffrences between Guitar Hero 3 and Guitar hero Aerosmith==
*The "You Rock" font has been changed and the letters now explode instead of flying away in GH3
*Almost everything in the game is Aerosmith themed
*There are only 4 covers in the game unlike GH3 there are18 covers
*The Easy Expert, Bret Micheals, and Unlock Everything cheats are removed
*There are much more styles in the game
*The store is now renamed to the vault
*In the opening acts there is a new band member called The Guitarist
*In opening acts, Axel Steel and Izzy sparks now have a different star power effect that comes out of their guitar, Its a very light blue effect with lightning symbols coming out
*There are only 6 venues instead of 8 in solo career
*The HOPO system in this game has changed and became a bit more harder
*The songs in this game are very easy unlike GH3 wich has very difficult songs
*The bassist now has a firebird guitar instead of the guitar he had in GH3
*There are many new guitars and finishes
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