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== Track listing ==
== Track listing ==
The following table contains the tracks in the game. In each set, the first two tracks are from artists who inspired, performed with, or liked by Aerosmith. It was previously announced that The White Stripes and Deep Purple were to appear in the game as "opening acts", but they were ommitted from the final track list.
''Main article: [[List of songs in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith]]''
The ones in '''bold''' are the main attractions.
{| class="wikitable sortable" style="font-size:90%; text-align:center; margin: 5px;"
!style="background:#ddddee;" width=70 | Year
!style="background:#ddddee;" width=225 | Song title
!style="background:#ddddee;" width=225 | Artist
!style="background:#ddddee;" width=150 | Master recording?
!style="background:#ddddee;" width=200 | Tier
|1964||"[[All Day and All of the Night]]" || [[The Kinks]]<br/>(cover by WaveGroup) || - || 2. “First Taste of Success”<br>(Max’s Kansas City
|1972||"[[All the Young Dudes]]" || [[Mott the Hoople]]<br/>(cover by WaveGroup) || - || 1. “Getting the Band Together”<br>(Nipmuc High School)
|'''1976'''||'''"[[Back in the Saddle]]"''' || '''[[Aerosmith]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || '''5. “The Great American Band”<br>(Half Time Show)'''
|1991||"[[Always On The Run]]" || [[Lenny Kravitz]] || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || 5. "The Great American Band" <br>(Half Time Show)
|'''2001'''||"'''Beyond Beautiful'''"<sup>†</sup> || '''[[Aerosmith]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || '''5. “The Great American Band”<br>(Half Time Show)'''
|'''1977'''||"'''Bright Light Fright'''" || '''[[Aerosmith]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || '''4. “International Superstars”<br>(Moscow)'''
|1977||"[[Cat Scratch Fever]]" || [[Ted Nugent]] || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}}|| 6. “Rock N Roll Legends”<br>(Rock & Roll Hall of Fame)
|1977||"[[Complete Control]]" || [[The Clash]] || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || 3. “The Triumphant Return”<br>(The Orpheum)
|'''1977'''|| '''"[[Draw the Line]]"''' || '''[[Aerosmith]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || '''1. “Getting the Band Together”<br>(Nipmuc High School) (encore)'''
|'''2008'''|| '''"[[Dream On]]"''' || '''[[Aerosmith]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || '''5. “The Great American Band”<br>(Half Time Show) (encore)'''
|1979||"[[Dream Police]]" || [[Cheap Trick]] || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || 1. “Getting the Band Together”<br>(Nipmuc High School)
|'''2008'''|| '''"[[Guitar]] Battle vs [[Joe Perry]]"'''<sup>†</sup> || '''[[Joe Perry]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || '''6. “Rock N Roll Legends”<br>(Rock & Roll Hall of Fame)'''
|1990||"Hard to Handle" || [[The Black Crowes]]<br/>(cover by [[Steve Ouimette]]) || - || 5. “The Great American Band”<br>(Half Time Show)
|1988||"[[I Hate Myself for Loving You]]" || [[Joan Jett]] || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || 2. “First Taste of Success”<br>(Max’s Kansas City)
|1985||"[[King of Rock]]" || [[Run-D.M.C.]] || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || 4. “International Superstars”<br>(Moscow)
|'''1993'''|| '''"[[Livin' on the Edge]]"''' || '''[[Aerosmith]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || '''3. “The Triumphant Return”<br>(The Orpheum)'''
|'''1989'''||"'''[[Love in an Elevator]]'''"<sup>†</sup> || '''[[Aerosmith]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || '''3. “The Triumphant Return”<br>(The Orpheum) (encore)'''
|'''2008'''||"'''Make It'''" || '''[[Aerosmith]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || '''1. “Getting the Band Together”<br>(Nipmuc High School)'''
|'''2008'''|| '''"[[Mama Kin]]"''' || '''[[Aerosmith]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || '''6. “Rock N Roll Legends”<br>(Rock & Roll Hall of Fame)'''
|'''2008'''|| '''"[[Movin' Out]]"''' || '''[[Aerosmith]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || 2. '''“First Taste of Success”<br>(Max’s Kansas City)'''
|'''1979'''||"'''No Surprize'''"<sup>†</sup> || '''[[Aerosmith]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || '''2. “First Taste Of Success”<br>(Max’s Kansas City)'''
|'''1976'''||'''"[[Nobody's Fault]]"''' || '''[[Aerosmith]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || '''4. “International Superstars”<br>(Moscow)'''
|1973||"Personality Crisis" || [[New York Dolls]]<br/>(cover by [[Steve Ouimette]]) || - || 3. “The Triumphant Return”<br>(The Orpheum)
|'''1987'''|| '''"[[Rag Doll]]"'''<sup>†</sup> || '''[[Aerosmith]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || '''3. “The Triumphant Return”<br>(The Orpheum)'''
|1992||"[[Sex Type Thing]]" || [[Stone Temple Pilots]] || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || 6. “Rock N Roll Legends”<br>(Rock & Roll Hall of Fame)
|1985||"[[She Sells Sanctuary]]" || [[The Cult]] || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || 4. “International Superstars”<br>(Moscow)
|'''1975'''||'''"[[Sweet Emotion]]"''' || '''[[Aerosmith]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || '''2. “First Taste of Success”<br>(Max’s Kansas City) (encore)'''
|'''1975'''|| '''"[[Toys in the Attic]]"''' || '''[[Aerosmith]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || '''6. “Rock N Roll Legends”<br>(Rock & Roll Hall of Fame)'''
|'''1974'''|| '''"[[Train Kept A-Rollin']]"''' || '''[[Aerosmith]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || '''6. “Rock N Roll Legends”<br>(Rock & Roll Hall of Fame) (encore)'''
|'''1975'''|| '''"[[Uncle Salty]]"''' || '''[[Aerosmith]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || '''1. “Getting the Band Together”<br>(Nipmuc High School)'''
|'''1986'''|| '''"[[Walk This Way]]"''' || '''[[Aerosmith]] featuring [[Run-D.M.C.]]''' || {{sort|yes|{{ok}}}} || '''4. “International Superstars”<br>(Moscow) (encore)'''
<small>{{ent|a|a}}This song has been re-recorded for use in ''Guitar Hero: Aerosmith''<ref name="gamespot preview">{{cite web | url =;title;2 | title = Guitar Hero: Aerosmith First Look | date = [[2008-03-27]] | accessdate = 2008-03-28 | publisher = [[GameSpot]] | first = Aaron | last = Thomas }}</ref></small>
<small>{{ent|b|b}}Song has a [[rhythm guitar]] track instead of a [[bass guitar]] co-operative play track.</small>
==Bonus songs==
==Bonus songs==

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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
Guitar Hero Aerosmith
Release date
June 16, 2009
Music video game
Single-player, multiplayer
Blu-ray (PS3), DVD (PS2/Xbox 360/PC/Mac), Wii Optical Disc (Wii)
Input methods
Guitar controller, gamepad, Wii controller

Guitar Hero Aerosmith is by Activision and Neversoft. It was released on June 29th 2008 for U.S.. It takes the player through the history of Aerosmith, and stopping off at real tour spots they went, like The Super Bowl in 2001.

Game Modes

All modes which appeared in Guitar Hero III return, except for Co-Op Career. The original Co-op mode was brought back, though. Menus have been re-designed to suit the Aerosmith theme to the game. The shop has also been renamed as The Vault.

Achievements for Xbox 360 versions are named after songs by Aerosmith.


A departure from the other games, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith follows the career of Aerosmith. At first, players start each tier as two opening acts, which the band from previous titles play as, with a Rhythm Guitarist added. After finishing the songs, the audience demands the namesake band (similar to encore demands in previous titles), and then the players perform two more songs as Aerosmith. Once THAT is completed, players must perform an encore as Aerosmith.

In the last tier, before Aerosmith is called onto the stage, Joe Perry challenges the player (as a different Guitar Hero) to a Guitar Battle.


There are six tiers stages in the game.

  1. Getting the Band Together (Nipmuc High School)
  2. First Taste of Success (Max's Kansas City)
  3. The Triumphant Return (The Orpheum)
  4. International Superstars (Moscow)
  5. The Great American Band (Half-Time Show)
  6. Rock n' Roll Legends (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame)


Characters from Guitar Hero III will return, as opening acts, with new costumes based on the Guitar Hero III ones.

New characters include Joe Perry (guitarist), Tom Hamilton (bassist), Brad Whitford (guitarist) and DMC (of Run-D.M.C). All four are unlockable, and are actual guitarists. Their real-life counterparts did motion capture exclusively for the game.

Track listing

Main article: List of songs in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Bonus songs

Bonus songs can be purchased using in-game money at "The Vault", along with additional characters, outfits, guitars and finishes, and video interviews with Aerosmith. Once purchased, the player may play these songs in Quickplay, co-operative, or competitive modes. All bonus songs in the game are master recordings.

Year Song title Artist
1976"Combination" Aerosmith
2007 "Joe Perry Guitar Battle" Joe Perry
1977 "Kings and Queens" Aerosmith
1985 "Let the Music Do the Talking" Aerosmith
2005"Mercy" Joe Perry
1974"Pandora's Box" Aerosmith
1998"Pink" Aerosmith
1976"Rats in the Cellar" Aerosmith
2005"Shakin' My Cage" Joe Perry
2005"Talk Talkin" Joe Perry
1975"Walk This Way" Aerosmith
Song has a rhythm guitar track instead of a bass guitar co-operative play track.


  • If you create a band and choose "Aerosmith" as the name, you can go straight to Moscow.
  • If you use the Unlocked All Songs cheat, the song Pandora's Box isn't unlocked.


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