The Guitar Hero video game series are a rhythm-game series originally created by Harmonix, and was later developed by Neversoft and was released by Red Octane and Activision, then FreeStyleGames.

History[edit | edit source]

The Guitar Hero series was created by Harmonix in 2005, starting with Guitar Hero. The last Guitar Hero game Harmonix created before they started the Rock Band series was Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s in 2007. Then the Guitar Hero series was licensed to Neversoft in 2007.

The first Guitar Hero game that Neversoft created was Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Neversoft introduced more instruments in Guitar Hero World Tour and from then on, the Guitar Hero series' gameplay became band-related rather than just guitar and bass.

While Neversoft was working on the console Guitar Hero games, Vicarious Visions worked on the On Tour series, as well as the Wii ports of the Guitar Hero games, and the iOS version of Guitar Hero. Beenox Studios  also worked on Guitar Hero: Smash Hits for the consoles.

Even though Guitar Hero 5 was released before Guitar Hero: Van Halen, Guitar Hero: Van Halen used the elements from Guitar Hero: Smash Hits and Guitar Hero: Metallica. Neversoft also developed the DJ Hero spin-offs and Band Hero.

Due to the lack of rhythm games in sales, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock was Neversoft's final Guitar Hero game and would be the last Guitar Hero game to be developed for several years. This was stated in February 2011.

However, Guitar Hero returned back in 2015 with Guitar Hero Live, developed by FreeStyle Games, the developers of the DJ Hero series.

Games[edit | edit source]

Main series[edit | edit source]

Spin-off games[edit | edit source]

Band-related spin-offs[edit | edit source]

On Tour series[edit | edit source]

Mobile games[edit | edit source]

Cancelled games[edit | edit source]

Games of Guitar Hero
Main Series
Guitar Hero - Guitar Hero II - Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - Guitar Hero World Tour - Guitar Hero 5 - Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock - Guitar Hero Live
Aerosmith - Metallica - Van Halen
Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s - Guitar Hero Arcade - Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - Band Hero
On Tour
Guitar Hero: On Tour - Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades - Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits
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