Guitar Hero Carabiner is a handheld portable electronic game based on the Guitar Hero series, and is


developed by Basic Fun Inc, licensed through Activision and released in 2008.[1][2] The unit is shaped like a small guitar, and can be attached via a loop to a backpack or the like, similar to a carabiner. The unit includes 10 tracks from Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II. The songs run for about 30 seconds except for the final song that is about 1 minute long. The gameplay is similar to the Guitar Hero series; as notes on the screen scroll down, the player must hit one of five fret buttons on the device in time with the music to score points; unlike the other games, there is no strumming action that is needed to play each note. There is a whammy bar button to use on long notes. The screen is an LED screen placed where the strum bar originally was. The length is about 9 inches. There is a collapsable neck for easier carrying. The Guitar Hero Carabiner requires 3 AAA batteries. The volume has five notches, and the difficulties are easy, medium, and hard.


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