Guitar Hero II Deluxe
Guitar Hero II Deluxe
Milohax (PS2)
MiloHax 2.0 (Xbox 360)
Guitar Hero's modding community for Guitar Hero II
PlayStation 2, Xbox 360
Release date(s)
1.0: May 17, 2021
2.0: November 7, 2021
Xbox 360: April 20, 2022
Music video game modification
Single-player, multiplayer
Digital download, burnable to PS2/Xbox 360 DVD
Input methods
Guitar controller, gamepad, or Drums controller (as of v2.0)

Guitar Hero II Deluxe is a fan-made modification of Guitar Hero II. Created by a modding team known as Milohax, Guitar Hero II Deluxe builds upon the foundations laid by Guitar Hero II in order to create an all-around better experience.


Guitar Hero II Deluxe began development as Super Guitar Hero II, another Milohax project made to add certain features, such as focus mode and song speed modifications, to Guitar Hero II. Super Guitar Hero II had a few demos made to showcase the looser engine and song speeds, but was ultimately never finished.

On March 20, 2021, a user in the Milohax Discord server by the name of GenericMadScientist announced that he had discovered a way to remove the infamous strumming limit in Guitar Hero II. This strum limit was one of the most notorious issues with Guitar Hero II, as it made the song "Trogdor" impossible in the NTSC region on PlayStation 2, and completely impossible without exploits on the Xbox 360 version.

With the combined efforts of several Milohax users, including LocalH, Mariteaux, JNack, and GenericMadScientist, as well as assistance with tools several programs from PikminGuts92, Onyxite, Dwitt, and Ryan Lesser, Guitar Hero II Deluxe was born. Besides just the strum limit patch, other bugs from Guitar Hero II were fixed, such as a bug with the hammer-on and pull-off notes that recognized them as strum notes instead, and all of the features from Super Guitar Hero II were brought over.

Updates of the game's progress were shown off quite often on LocalH's Twitter, and in the Milohax Discord server. The streamer Acai, who had been a playtester for the game, dedicated a stream to showing off the nearly completed game, including a custom Guitar in the shop made for him and designed after a skin he had on his Guitar Controller.

The release date for Guitar Hero II Deluxe was announced the day before it's release, and The Official Website was put up around the same time. On May 17th, 2021, Guitar Hero II Deluxe was released to the public. On the same day, LocalH stated " A PAL version is coming soon, 360 version coming less soon."

Following the game's release, Onyxite added an update to his popular Onyx program, usually used to put customs into the Rock Band games, that allowed users to insert custom songs into Guitar Hero II Deluxe's files far quicker than what was possible before. On May 26th, 2021, Acai posted a tutorial to his second YouTube channel demonstrating how to add custom songs, in which he also released Guitar Hero II Deluxe: Custom Edition, a version of Guitar Hero II Deluxe with only 1 song, Speed Test by Exilelord, in the game. This allowed for far more custom songs to be added to the game than usual.

On September 22, 2021, Mariteaux announced the upcoming Guitar Hero II Deluxe 2.0 and was released on November 7, 2021, which added all of the songs, cosmetics, and features from Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s, as well as Drums support and a No Fail cheat.[1] Mariteaux also stated that the previously announced Xbox 360 version of the game was "not very likely" but it was picked up by part of the development team.[2]

How to Play[]

Guitar Hero II Deluxe was released as disc image, or a .ISO file, meaning that it can be run in HD through the PS2 Emulator PCSX2, or it can be burned to a disc and played through an actual PS2. A tutorial on how to run the game through PCSX2 was created by Acai and put on his second channel.

Notable Features[]

NOTE: This section is currently incomplete.

Guitar Hero II Deluxe adds many features to the base of Guitar Hero II. Among the notable features are:

  • Removed strum limit: Makes the song "Trogdor" possible, along with many other songs and sections that would not be possible on the original game. "Trogdor" was not possible to be Full Comboed in the 60 Hz (NTSC) version of Guitar Hero II as the strum bar would force to not register when strumming too fast.
  • Focus Mode: Focus Mode, which was present in some of the later Guitar Hero games, removes all of the background videos from the game, allowing the player to focus solely on the Note Highway, Rock Meter, and Score Meter. This is also useful for players on PCSX2 who have lower-end PCs, as the removal of the background reduces frame-dropping and makes the game overall more stable.
  • Song speedups: The ability to speed up any song in the game to up to 250% Speed, creating some interesting challenges with many songs.

Notable features added in v2.0.

  • Drums support: The 2.0 release added Drums support in the PlayStation 2 version and some in-game songs included Drums charts for them. Drums are currently not supported in the Xbox 360 port due to the game crashing when attempting to manipulate button mapping for them.
  • Multiple games on one disc: With the 2.0 release bundling Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s graphics and songs, a new screen was added before the splash screens to select added several different bundled games with different setlists or features.
    • Guitar Hero II Deluxe (GH2 Deluxe): Play an enhanced version of Guitar Hero II featuring all songs from the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 versions of Guitar Hero II.
    • Guitar Hero Encore Deluxe (GH:80s Deluxe): Play an enhanced version of Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s featuring all songs from it.
    • Guitar Hero Mega Deluxe (Mega Deluxe): Play both Guitar Hero II and Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s songs on one setlist for the biggest experience.
    • Deluxe: Expansion (Expansion): A custom selection of songs from various Guitar Hero and Rock Band games. Some of these songs were added to take advantage of the removed strum limit and drums support. Some recognizable classic Guitar Hero songs in Deluxe: Expansion use their Rock Band or later Guitar Hero audio and charts such as "War Pigs" from Rock Band's DLCs and "I Wanna Rock" from Guitar Hero: Smash Hits, minus extended sustains, forced HOPOs, tap notes, etc.
    • Guitar Hero Redux (GH1 Redux): A demo version of Guitar Hero (in Guitar Hero II's engine) that includes 6 playable songs: "All of This", "Behind The Mask", "Thunder Kiss '65", "Graveyard Shift", "Spanish Castle Magic", and "Trippolette" (bonus track).
    • GH2 Deluxe (Debug) (GH2DX Debug): Description to be added...
    • GH Encore Deluxe (Debug) (GH80s Debug): Description to be added...


Main article: Setlist in Guitar Hero II
Main article: Setlist in Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s

While adding custom songs to Guitar Hero II Deluxe is possible, the base setlist of the game remains the exact same as the setlist in Guitar Hero II, with the added songs from Guitar Hero II on Xbox 360. The only song added by the Milohax team is "Speed Test" by ExileLord, which was added to demonstrate the removed strum limit.

Version 2.0 of Guitar Hero II Deluxe also included every song from Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s and a selected number of songs from Guitar Hero. These songs can be played in certain games chosen on the game selection screen. Guitar Hero II and Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s songs can be played together in a single setlist in the Guitar Hero Mega Deluxe subgame. Furthermore, the Guitar Hero Redux demo subgame includes 6 songs from first Guitar Hero game with Bass tracks included.

Songs included in the Guitar Hero Redux demo are:

Setlist in Deluxe: Expansion[]

The Deluxe: Expansion subgame includes a selection of songs from various Guitar Hero and Rock Band games (including DLCs), mostly songs charted by Harmonix with classic Guitar Hero songs having a Drums chart added to them by indie charter Mariteaux.

Year Song title Artist Source Tier
1994 "All Over You" Live Rock Band 4 5.15. Wassat? RB4? :Steve:
2001 "Chop Suey!" System of a Down Rock Band 2 2.22. Sizzling Songs (ok, I can do this)
2007 "Collide" Anarchy Club Rock Band 4 (DLC) 1.51. Hot Licks (no problem)
2008 "Crawl" Kings of Leon Rock Band (DLC) 2.12. Sizzling Songs (ok, I can do this)
1989 "Debaser" Pixies Rock Band (DLC) 2.32. Sizzling Songs (ok, I can do this)
1975 "Green Grass and High Tides" The Outlaws Rock Band 4.54. Face Melting Riffs (these kick my ass)
1982 "The Hellion/Electric Eye" Judas Priest Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s 4.24. Face Melting Riffs (these kick my ass)
1982 "I Ran (So Far Away)" A Flock of Seagulls Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s 1.11. Hot Licks (no problem)
1984 "I Wanna Rock" Twisted Sisters Guitar Hero: Smash Hits 3.43. Blistering Tracks (practice these)
1978 "I'm the One" Van Halen Guitar Hero: Van Halen 4.34. Face Melting Riffs (these kick my ass)
1989 "John the Fisherman" Primus Guitar Hero II 3.23. Blistering Tracks (practice these)
2007 "Less Talk More Rokk" Freezepop Rock Band (DLC)[N 1] 2.42. Sizzling Songs (ok, I can do this)
2003 "Maps" Yeah Yeah Yeahs Rock Band (DLC) 1.21. Hot Licks (no problem)
1979 "Police Truck" Dead Kennedys Guitar Hero II 3.33. Blistering Tracks (practice these)
1994 "Possum Kingdom" Toadies Guitar Hero II 1.31. Hot Licks (no problem)
1981 "Tom Sawyer" Rush Rock Band (DLC) 3.53. Blistering Tracks (practice these)
2007 "Push Push (Lady Lightning)" Bang Camaro Rock Band Network 3.13. Blistering Tracks (practice these)
2007 "Thunderhorse" Dethklok Guitar Hero II 4.14. Face Melting Riffs (these kick my ass)
1970 "War Pigs" Black Sabbath Rock Band (DLC) 2.52. Sizzling Songs (ok, I can do this)
1981 "We Got the Beat" The Go-Go's Guitar Hero II 1.41. Hot Licks (no problem)
1981 "YYZ" Rush Guitar Hero II 4.44. Face Melting Riffs (these kick my ass)
  1. The Rock Band chart of "Less Talk More Rokk" is essentially the same as the Guitar Hero II version but with Drums included.

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