Holy Wars… The Punishment Due
Performed By Megadeth
Year 1990
Appears in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Genre Metal
Guitar Intensity 90%
Bass Intensity 100%
Drums Intensity 80%
Vocals Intensity 70%
Length 6 min 31 sec
Music noicon

Rust in Peace cover.

"Holy Wars… The Punishment Due" is a song by Megadeth from their 4th studio album, Rust in Peace. The song has been interpreted to be about the troubles in Northern Ireland, but Dave Mustaine has indicated that the song is about Israel (Mustaine's mother is Jewish though he is Christian).


In an interview with Rock Detector, Mustaine said: "'Holy Wars' doesn't talk about any specific place in time. It doesn't talk about any country. It just says, 'Don't look now to Israel it might be YOUR homeland.'"

On Israel National Radio, Mustaine said: "I've mentioned Israel in songs before, in Holy Wars. Holy wars don't necessarily have to start in Israel. It can be anywhere. There are so many holy wars taking place in the world right now anyway. People are dying for a cause. It's so unbelievable. (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England)".

In a 2009 interview with, Mustaine explained that this song is in two parts. Said Mustaine: "The first part of it is about my antics—I got myself into trouble over in Antrim in Northern Island. The second half is about The Punisher comic book; I loved The Punisher! I've been reading The Punisher for years and years. One of the first songs that I'd written on the first record, 'Killing Is My Business…and Business is Good,' is about The Punisher."

Appears In[]

It takes part of Battle With The Beast in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

It can be noted for the section Pax in Bello, witch contains a 4 note chord. It, unlike the rest of the song, is played on a Sitar.

Sections and Instruments[]

instruments: Electric Guitar,drums,Electric bass,


Armory Riff A
Armory Riff B
Armory Riff C
Armory Riff D
War Zone A
War Zone B
Pax in Bello
Punishment Bridge
Antihero's Riff 1A
Antihero's Riff 1B
Antihero's Riff 1C
Vengeance Solo 1
Antihero's Riff 2A
Antihero's Riff 2B
Vengeance Solo 2
Trench Warfare
No Man's Land A
No Man's Land B
No Man's Land C
No Man's Land D
The Fallout
Postbellum Riff A
Postbellum Riff B


Brother will kill brother
Spillin' blood across the land
Killin' for religion
Somethin' I don't understand

Fools like me, who cross the sea
And come to foreign lands
Ask the sheep for their beliefs
Do you kill on God's command?

A country that's divided
Surely will not stand
My past erased, no more disgrace
No foolish naive stand

End is near, it's crystal clear
Part of the master plan
Don't look now to Israel
It might be your homeland
Holy wars

Upon my podium, as the know-it-all scholar
Down in my seat of judgement
Gavel's band, uphold the law

Up on my soapbox, a leader out to change the world
Down in my pulpit as the holier-than-thou
Could-be messenger of God

Wage the war
On organized crime
Sneak attacks
Repel down the rocks behind the lines

Some people risk to employ me
Some people live to destroy me
Ooh either way they die
They die

They killed my wife and my baby
With hopes to enslave me
First mistake
Last mistake

Paid by the alliance
To slay all the giants
Next mistake
No more mistakes

Fill the cracks in with judicial granite
Because I don't say it, don't mean I ain't thinkin' it
Next thing you know, they'll take my thoughts away
I know what I said
Now I must scream

Of the overdose
And the lack of mercy killings
Mercy killings

Mercy killings, killings
Killings, killings Next thing you know, they'll take my thoughts away



  • "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" is not the only song on the album Rust in Peace to be featured in a Guitar Hero game; "Hangar 18" was previously featured in Guitar Hero II.
    • Furthermore, like "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due", "Hanger 18" is also one of the hardest songs in the game in which it was featured. In fact, "Hangar 18" is the 2nd hardest song in Guitar Hero II (the absolute hardest song being "Free Bird").
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