The Hypersphere is a unique venue introduced in the 2009 music/rhythm video game Guitar Hero 5. It has made an appearence in two of the game's successors: Band Hero and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. It is featured as the game's final venue, and is first seen at the very end of the Career mode, in which the credits play. Vaguely similar to the Wormhole venue, the audience is entirely absent in this venue, as is the stage and lights.

The venue takes place in the void of space, and has the band preforming on top of a big circle, concealed by a transparent sphere (hence the name) that displays various visual effects that are synced to the song being played. In Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero, some of these effects are taken directly from Wormhole.

The venue makes a return in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, although it has been altered slightly. In addition to the visualisations, the venue also transports the band to various locations, including: A forest with an orange glow off in the distance, a large field with a structure similar to stone henge in the background, and a firey gate complete with bat wings. The transportations don't occur in the Wii version.

Guitar Hero 5 SetlistEdit

King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man

God of Rock's Final Challenge

Band Hero SetlistEdit

Don McLean - American Pie

Guitar Hero: Warriors of RockEdit

Since it is a secret venue unlocked trough Quickplay+, there is no specified setlist for it. It can, however, be used to play any song in the game with unique visuals in Quickplay.

Please note that special animations, as those used in Bohemian Rhapsody, does not work in this venue and will be replaced with standard ones when played here.

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