"I'm the One" is a song by Van Halen which is a track from the bands first album, a version by The Four Non Blondes appeared in the 1994 movie Airheads in a scene where they take over a radio station.

Alex Van Halen used a double-kick drum on this - something he also did on "Hot For Teacher." When the Four Non Blondes recorded it, their drummer, Dawn Richardson, learned how to use a double-kick 3 days before they recorded it.

Linda Perry, who has gone on to write songs for Pink and Christina Aguilera, was lead singer of Four Non Blondes. She is very good at singing like male rock singers, and a lot of people had no idea the version in Airheads wasn't Van Halen. Perry did a convincing Robert Plant when Four Non Blondes recorded "Misty Mountain Hop" for the Led Zeppelin tribute album Encomium.

The chart itself isn't too hard for the most part. However, Solo 2A is considered to be one of, if not the hardest sections in any song in the series due to the sheer speed of the strumming. It has been calculated to be around 22nps, which is even faster than the intro of The Devil Went Down To Georgia. The fretting for this section is also rather hard to do whilst strumming at these speeds. Even if you are able to FC past this section, the outro is no joke either, involving fast movements around all 5 frets, which makes it very easy to miss here.

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