Lemon Parade
File:Lemon Parade.png
Studio album by Tonic
Released July 16, 1996
Recorded 1995
Genre Post-grunge
Label Polydor/A&M
Producer Jack Joseph Puig
Professional reviews
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Lemon Parade

Lemon Parade is Tonic's first album, released in 1996. Tonic released a live EP with enhanced material called Live and Enhanced based on the success of this album. "If You Could Only See" was a hit single on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks charts reaching #1, and also reached #11 on the Billboard Airplay Hot 100, where it spent 63 weeks on the chart.

The song "If You Could Only See" is part of the video games Karaoke Revolution Party and Band Hero.[1]

While members of the band have traditionally been hesitant to discuss the meaning behind their songs, Hart did elaborate on some of the songs from this album. For instance, on the title track Lemon Parade, Hart explained the song came from a dream he had.[2] "I had a dream about this girl. I was riding this big Schwinn Sting Ray, and I rode by her working in a lemonade stand. She looked ugly and sad because kids were throwing lemons at her. Then later on, I saw her after high school and was crazy about her. They couldn't see how beautiful she really was."[2]

Track listingEdit

  1. "Open up Your Eyes" − 3:40
  2. "Casual Affair" − 3:43
  3. "If You Could Only See" − 4:21
  4. "Soldier's Daughter" − 5:03
  5. "Lemon Parade" − 3:42
  6. "Mountain" − 4:38
  7. "Thick" − 4:21
  8. "Wicked Soldier" − 4:31
  9. "Mr. Golden Deal" − 4:55
  10. "Bigot Sunshine" − 2:53
  11. "Celtic Aggression" − 3:26
  12. "My Old Man" − 5:52


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