Jet City Woman
Performed By Queensrÿche
Year 1990
Appears in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Genre Hard Rock
Guitar Intensity 50%
Bass Intensity 40%
Drums Intensity 50%
Vocals Intensity 50%
Length 5 min 21 sec
Music noicon

Empire cover.

"Jet City Woman" is a song by famous band Queensrÿche. It is a playable song in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock in Axel Steel's tier.


Bass Intro
Intro Solo A
Intro Solo B
Verse 1A
Verse 1B
Building Empires 1
Chorus 1
Guitar Interlude
Verse 2A
Verse 2B
Building Empires 2
Chorus 2A
Chorus 2B
Guitar Solo A
Guitar Solo B
Building Empires 3
Chorus 3A
Chorus 3B


Every time I leave
You say you won't be there
And you're always there

Every time I cry your name at night
You pull close and say it's alright

I look in your eyes, just like the rain
Eashing me, rain wash over me

Touching your face
I feel the heat of your heartbeat
Echo in my head like a scream

What you do to me!
Waited so long I can't
Wait another day without you

Jet City woman
It's a long way
Home to my

See her face everywhere
Can't get her out of my mind, no

Whenever I'm alone I'm thinking
There's a part missing from my life
Wonder where I'd be without your love

Holding me together now I'm
Watching the time tick, tick away
Face grows longer every day
Fortunes are lost on the women I've seen

But without you I can't breathe
You're the air to me!
Waited so long I'm
All alone thinkin' about you

Jet City woman
Gotta find my way
Home to her

I see her face
Everywhere I look!

Just a thousand miles
And I'll be there

To make the clouds go away
Time for some blue sky!

Waited so long now the
Plane's delayed an hour
Reminds me of all our days apart
Hold on, just a little longer

Jet City woman
Wonder where I'd be
You're the air to me

Eyes like the rain
Rain down on me

No more nights alone
I'm almost home now

Close my eyes, I'm there in my
Jet City


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