Jordan, by Buckethead, is the only studio version of the song, recorded just for Guitar Hero II. A term frequently used when talking about Jordan is the "Blue Note of Freedom". It is commonly said that if someone can reach this blue hold note after solo C, one should be able to complete the rest of the song.

Solos B and C are considered the hardest parts of the entire song, most of the time only passable with the use of star power. A nickname for these solos is "The Sea of Skittles" because of the intensive amount of notes.

Song Info Edit

  • Number of Notes:

Easy: 323

Medium: 618

Hard: 1,147

Expert: 1,801

  • 5-Star Cutoff Range:

Easy: 57,906-57,907

Medium: 95,297-95,298

Hard: 163,738-163,739

Expert: 254,834-254,911

The Full Combo Edit

HellAshes scored the first known FC of this song on January 9th, 2008, watched live by a couple hundred people on his uStream account. Three days later he scored another one with a better Star Power path, resulting in the first reported score of over 500,000 points. On September 4th, 2017, JPrez44 managed to attain an almost perfect run of the song, obtaining a score of 501,758. The only way this score will ever be beaten is if somebody ever manages to get a repeat of this run, but is able to hit an extra double squeeze that JPrez was not able to hit, which will give way to the first ever 502k run. However, this may be humanly impossible, as there is no documented evidence of a human ever pulling off this squeeze. If this squeeze is proven to be impossible, then JPrez's score will never be beaten by no more than a few points due to sustain ticks, making this score the optimal score for Jordan.

Video Edit

Guitar Hero II - Jordan - 100% Expert Re-FC - w Hands

Guitar Hero II - Jordan - 100% Expert Re-FC - w Hands

Jordan on Guitar Hero II expert 100%

Jordan (GH2) (100)

Screenshot of a Youtube video.

Trivia Edit

While this song is ludicrously difficult to complete, there is a very high chance that you will four- or five star the song should you complete the solos. There are numerous Star Power phrases along with easy notes to hit allowing you to score enormous amounts of points in the second half of the song. So, if you were to enter the solos with around 70,000 to 100,000 points you could still come out with 250,000 points even if you just barely pass the solos with Star Power.

  • It was mentioned in the popular TV show South Park, when Stan says 'Can you play Buckethead on Expert?'.
  • It was arguably the hardest song ever to possibly finish by using a Dualshock controller.
  • This is also the only song in Guitar Hero II that the Bassist doesn't appear on screen to perform. However, there is a bass guitar part to play for this song in co-op mode.