'- L.A. Slum Lords ( is a hard rock/punk band, that rose from the ashes of the musical wasteland in Hollywood, California. Formed in 2004 from the remanants of origional L.A. based band, The Slum Lords.

''Founding members are James Kross, aka Krossbones (The Darlings, Ghost Town, Pal Joey, M16's) on rythym guitar & later on bass, Patty Hearse (Bitchfits) on vox, Chris Lord (Van Stone, Gabba Gabba Heys, Tattooed Millionaires) on bass & later on rythym guitar, Calvin Ellis on lead guitar, and Mark Halfon on Drums. You can find two of their explosive hit singles, "Down 'n Dirty!" on Guitar Hero III - Legends of Rock, and "Unaffected" on THQ's Stuntman: Ignition, video games.

''Rumors circulate heavy that the band may form again, thanks to the popularity and exposure from Guitar Hero 3 and all the new fans.'

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