Lars Ümlaüt is a main character from the Guitar Hero series, representing the Extreme/Black Metal genre - particularly the Scandinavian regional scenes. Since his first appearance in Guitar Hero II, he has appeared in every main entry and console-based spinoff of the series, with the exception of Band Hero.


  • Lock the doors and board the windows, Lars Ümlaüt is coming for you. An intimidating presence, the Norwegian-born Ümlaüt describes himself as a force for you to be doing the reckoning with! -- Guitar Hero II in-game bio.
  • Lars winters at his Uncle Otto's Bavarian Castle in the Regierungsbezirk of Unterfranken, near Bad Kissingen. A typical winter is passed in the castle known as Schloss Umlautstein by the great fireplace in the grand bathroom. -- Guitar Hero 5 in-game bio.
  • Like an artful dart, Lars is off the chart, playing the part of the wild upstart, in 'Twilight of the Hogs,' his Nordic metal opera. - Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, human form description.

Appearance and Outfits[]

Guitar Hero II[]

His first outfit is him without a shirt, with black pants, blonde hair, and face paint, much like his outfit "Black Metal" in Guitar Hero III.

His second outfit, called Gargoyles, is him with face paint again, and he is in a green gargoyle suit, which is likely inspired by the monster costumes of thrash metal band GWAR. In fact, in the 10-song demo, if the game is hacked to allow access to career mode and to unlock everything, this outfit is labeled "LARS'S GWARGOYLES".

Asked about his gauntlets-to-gargoyles style, Lars responds, "LARS HAS A REPUTATION OF STRENGTH OF WHICH HE NEEDS TO BE DOING THE UPHOLDING!" - "Gargoyles" shop description.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock[]

His first outfit is Black Metal and is similar to his appearance in the second game.

  • Dyed Black
  • Bleach Blonde
  • Phantom
  • Thunda (in which he gains a Native American look).

His second outfit is Viking and Lars now has a beard and horned helmet.

  • Barbaric
  • Icy
  • Freedom
  • Lars dons a traditional outfit straight from his Norse forefathers. The perfect outfit for Rockin' and Pillagin' - "Viking" shop description.

His Freedom outfit pays homage to the movie Braveheart.

Guitar Hero World Tour[]

Lars wears the same outfit as Guitar Hero III.

Default Clothing[]

  • Torso: Black Metal Warrior
  • Pants: Well Protected
  • Shoes: Shot In The Foot

Default Accessories[]

  • Left Arm: Pin Pad
  • Right Arm: War Hammer

Guitar Hero: Metallica[]

Lars is wearing a less revealing black armor with metal plating, blonde hair, and spiked boots.

Default Clothing[]

  • Torso: Ready For Battle
  • Pants: Dangling Straps
  • Shoes: Spiked Highs

Default Accessories[]

  • Left Arm: Rings
  • Right Arm: Tape

Guitar Hero: Smash Hits[]

Lars wears the same outfit from Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and Guitar Hero World Tour. His Pin Pad and War Hammer are grey in the Wii and PlayStation 2 versions, but both turn black if you color one of them black.

Guitar Hero 5[]

Lars wears an outfit similar to his Guitar Hero 2 likeness but with larger horns and more hair. It is called "Tundra Beast". He also has other outfits by completing challenges. His other outfits include a "Grendel", "Soldier of Faroe", and "Valhalla Battledress".

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock[]

Guitar Hero Live[]

While not appearing in the game physically, Lars's name is shown to be one of the nine opponents in GHTV's Premium Shows.

Songs associated with Lars Umlaut[]

Guitar Hero II Quickplay Songs[]

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Setlist[]

Multiplier Extender[]

Basic Effects[]

The multiplier's maximum is raised from 4x to 5x.

+ Effects[]

The multiplier's maximum is raised from 5x to 6x.

In-Game Appearances[]


  • His last name, Ümlaüt, refers to the diacritic marks commonly used in German and Scandinavian languages, which are a common feature in heavy metal band names, such as Motörhead, Mötley Crüe, and Queensrÿche.
  • He appears to be based upon the lead singer of Norwegian Black Metal band Immortal, Abbath.
  • Lars' hair and face paint are very similar to that of Gene Simmons, bass player of KISS, so he might have also been influenced by them.
  • In Guitar Hero II, Lars had bleached blonde hair, but from Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock onward, his hair is black. His hair was given a clear color again in Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock.
  • According to Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock's custom rocker creator, the names of Lars's bandmates are Olaf (singer), Sonja (bassist), and Wilhelm (drummer).
  • He is close friends with Axel Steel and Johnny Napalm.


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