"Lips of an Angel" is a song by Hinder which is about a guy who is with a new girl now, but still calls his old girlfriend. He and his old girlfriend may have gone their separate ways, but they have not quite let go of each other or moved on. (thanks, Arianna - Largo, FL)

This was the follow-up single to "Get Stoned." The decision to release this was made during the Girls Gone Wild trek when Hinder drummer Cody Hanson received a phone call from Universal Republic senior VP of A&R Tom Mackay. The executive asked Hanson to look out in the crowd when performing numbers from Extreme Behavior to see what the fans particularly liked, so they could get some feedback about what the next single should be. According to Billboard magazine, Hanson replied five shows later that: "Everybody and their mother are s---ting their pants about 'Lips of an Angel.' It's biker dudes in leather and 18-year-old girls. They're all going nuts for it." The single's success marked a turning point for the band.

The song reached #1 in several countries including Australia and New Zealand.

Country artist Jack Ingram reached the top 20 on the country chart with his version of this song in 2007.

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