Lizzy Sparks[]

                Lizzy is a created character in the game Guitar Hero. She is first seen in Guitar Hero World tour in her OG Baby Outfit.  on October 10th 1971 A sweet but psycho baby girl named Elizabeth Jade Marie was born. At a young age she went by the name Lizzy. She was rasied on Rock N'Roll. Always jamming out to GunsNRoses and pretending to be a rock star. When she was 14 Her and Izzy Sparks (As in Izzys Bio in Warriors of Rock says they are together) fall in love. She got her first guitar at age 14. Lizzy had a party life, she would sneak out around midnight and thank GOD her parents never caught her. Her first album "GET OUTA HERE" By her band Bad Habbit made people go wild. Every week Lizzy would dye her streak a differnt colour. depends if she was ever in the right state of mind. Lizzy in highschool became best friends with Judy Nails, they are pretty much sisters. at age 16 her mother got into a fight with her father and got a divorce. Laying in her bed re-playing dont cry by gunsNroses she thought about her life and whos she thankful for.Lizzy is sick and tried of people saying women cant do anything but be a mother and just stay at home, But dont fear Lizzy is here! She shows these peeps women can play guitar and scream into a microphone. As Lizzy is in her 20s she feels confident in her looks and music. Her newest album "dont play with my heart" brings something new to the table. Her music has inspired women to pick up a guitar and show women can do just more than sit at home and clean. At age 25 (around Band Hero release) she gives birth to her daughter named Dahlia, she states a mothers love is strong. She and the crew is last seen in Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock,[]

Appears in...(order)[]

Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero Smash Hits

Guitar Hero Metallica

Guitar Hero Van Helen

Band Hero

Guitar Hero 5

Guitar hero Warriors Of Rock


        OG Baby (all games)

OG Baby (all games)

Love N roses

IMG E0146.jpg

Combat Baby


Purple Haze


Playlist []

Some Might say: oasis

Heart shaped box; Nirvana

Sweet child O mine: Guns N roses

Labyrinth; Enter Shikari

Shout at the Devil; Motley Crue

Just a Girl: No Doubt

Likes and Dislikes[]

Likes: Glam rock, grunge, Purple, Pink Bubble gum, Cats, Kurt Cobain, anything sweet, her baby Dahlia

Dislikes: Courtney Love, Fake friends, Tour mangers, Izzy Sparks, anything spicy, basic girls