Lou's Inferno is the eighth and final venue in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. There are five songs available to play here. These are:

Co-op Career[edit | edit source]

In Co-op mode, Lou's Inferno is still the last venue, but is the sixth rather than the eighth. The five songs available for play are:

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Lou's Inferno is located in the Rock Underworld (revealed after you play through Story Mode) and is a very large room with Thick Izzy sitting on a throne behind the drummer. During a song, he will hit his hammer against the floor if your Rock Meter is in the green level as if rocking out to the music. To the left of the band(the right side of the stage from the crowd's point of view) is a relatively small fire in a chimney. On the opposite side of the stage is a much larger fire. In front of the stage, a large crowd of people, possibly demons (in this case meaning people who have died and been sentenced to Hell, or, possibly, souls of people collected by Lou or Grim Ripper) has gathered to watch the show. All around the venue, there are red, horned women dancing. It's basically the Guitar Hero version of Hell. Notice that in Lou's intro, Thick Izzy will fall, once all the required songs have been completed, so Lou can appear!

Story[edit | edit source]

After finding out about the "Celebrity Has-Been Danceoff" the band demands to stop the deal with Lou. However, Lou shows the contract, which says in small print, "your soul is mine," and a crack in the earth opens beneath the band through which they fall into the inferno. After the guitarist defeats Lou in a guitar battle, Lou is knocked back into his own domain in the deepest pit in the Underworld and the band escapes via winged motorcycle.

In Co-op career mode, the band is leaving Shanker's Island when they fall into Lou's Inferno. Strangely, the ending cutscene is the same as in the singleplayer mode, including the bassist appearing.

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