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    • Hello again, I have seen that the "Setlist in Guitar Hero Live" page on this wiki and Wikipedia differ greatly, such as some of the genres and years being different. If it is not too much work, could you update the WikiHero page to have the same genres/years as the Wikipedia page (sorry if I'm telling an admin what to do, but I just thought you'd know)?

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    • The table format I used was actually the one Wikipedia's song list table used to use, before Wikipedia users decided to change the table format a few months ago (I don't know why they did that; they might have done that since I was copying their [old] table). Still, when users on Wikipedia changed the format of their GHL song list table, that made me upset since I would have to put more effort than just simply copy/pasting and submit.

      I could use Wikipedia's current GHL song list table format but I don't want to deal re-fixing every song link and artist/band link. Also, I don't want to be a copycat and make them upset that I'm "stealing" their table, so when I copy/paste the new songs every week from their table, I make adjustments to WikiHero's table format (which was Wikipedia's original table format for GHL when it came out).

      Still, it was a nice thoughtful suggestion but I don't want to do that.

      Oh wait, now that I re-read your comment, I get what you mean. Well, I just copy/pasted whatever Wikipedia posted the moment they first updated their table. Sometimes (and I wouldn't know this), Wikipedia later fixes/changes the year and genre of songs and I wouldn't notice it. It would be a really pain (and boring) to fix my song list's song genres to match their more updated version. If you want our Wiki's song list fixed and if you have the time (because I don't), create a Wikia account and fix the year and genre of the songs on our table to match Wikipedia's song information. I know I should have done that but it would waste my time. I could look into Wikipedia's history changes to see what song information were changed on their table but...

      Well, it could be nice if someone could do it for me... I'll unlock the page for now for everyone so that they can fix it (I hope the table doesn't get vandalized).

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    • Thank you so much, I promise you won't regret this. I always try to help this Wiki in any way I can, without needing a Wikia account (although I may have one eventually...). Once again, I greatly appreciate this, and if the page gets vandalized, I'll fix it before you even know about it.

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