The multiplier in Guitar Hero: II.

The Multiplier, is a feature that runs along with the Star Power Meter, and the score meter in all Guitar Hero games . The feature is self-explanatory. The multiplier will multiply the amount of points earned for playing a note. Depending on the number of the multiplier it will multiply the base amount of points earned. The multiplier starts out at x1, and will advance to x2, x3, and x4. With star power in use, it will double the multiplier. The multiplier is increased by playing 10 consecutive notes. A multiplier is lost by missing a note or by overstrumming.

In Guitar Hero World Tour and games afterwards a band multiplier exists. A band multiplier is increased when members use star power within the same period of time.

In GHTV mode of Guitar Hero Live, the the player can increase the multiplier limit up to a maximum of x7 as well as reducing the amount of notes to increase multiplier by buying these upgrades in the Guitar Upgrades shop with coins earned from playing songs.


  • In Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, some characters have special powers that affect the multiplier.
    • Johnny Napalm's power, "Speed Freak," prevents the multiplier from going any lower than 2x. Once Johnny has transformed into his warrior form, his power is upgraded into "Speed Freak +." With this upgrade, the multiplier now increases by playing 5 consecutive notes rather than 10.
    • Lars Ümlaüt's power, "Multiplier Extender," increases the multiplier's maximum from 4x to 5x. Once Lars has transformed into his warrior form, his power is upgraded into "Multiplier Extender +." With this upgrade, multiplier's maximum is increased even further to 6x.