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Neversoft was the second main developer of the Guitar Hero series. After Harmonix was bought out by MTV, Neversoft stepped in to develop the series. Other games developed by Neversoft include the Tony Hawk series and Gun. Most games that Neversoft developed are produced by Activision.

After releasing Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, Neversoft announced that they are no longer developing anymore Guitar Hero games or releasing DLCs after February 10 however, the Guitar Hero website will still be up publicly.[1]

Games Developed by Neversoft[]

Changes under Neversoft[]

The first game in the series developed by Neversoft, Guitar Hero III, was very different from the first three games in the series. The Hammer ons were much easier to do than in previous games and the overall difficulty was higher. Guitar Hero World tour was even more of a change from earlier Guitar Hero games. Like Rock Band, World Tour features drum and microphone peripherals.

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