Nirvana was a Aberdeen, WA grunge band, the single most influential band of the grunge era. The final line-up consisted of Dave Grohl (Drums), Krist Novoselic (Bass), and Kurt Cobain (Guitar, Vocals).

Frontman of the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, used to be the drummer for Nirvana. Grohl had to start a new band elsewhere after the death of Kurt Cobain. It is rumored that the Foo Fighters album In Your Honor was written for Kurt, who was one of Grohl's best friends. In 2002, the very last song ever recorded by Nirvana, "You Know You're Right" was released on their greatest hits album, Nirvana.

The group's singer and lead guitarist, the late Kurt Cobain, is playable in Guitar Hero 5 posthumously, being, in a way, the third person to do so (Jimi Hendrix, in Guitar Hero: World Tour; Johnny Cash, in Guitar Hero 5.) (Note: Kurt is technically third because Cash's posthumous appearance was announced first).

Band Members[]

  • Kurt Cobain - Guitar, Vocals (1987-1994)
  • Krist Novoselic - Bass (1987-1994)
  • Dave Grohl - Drums, backing vocals (1990-1994)
  • Chad Channing - Drums (1988-1990)
  • Aaron Burckhard - Drums (1987-1988)
  • Pat Smear - Guitar, backing vocals (1993-1994)

Songs in the Guitar Hero series[]