Quickplay is a mode of play in Guitar Hero in which a player picks any unlocked song they wish to play and play it immediately. Quickplay has appeared in every Guitar Hero game to date. In Guitar Hero World Tour and later games in the series, players can create a set list of up to six songs in Quickplay. This means that a player doesn't have to pick a new song every time one is finished. Quickplay is usually the best option for casual players of Guitar Hero. The player can't choose a guitar, hero/character or venue/tier, expect in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and possibly in Guitar Hero: Metallica and only Aerosmith or Metallica songs.

Quickplay+[edit | edit source]

In Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, Quickplay has been upgraded to Quickplay+. In Quickplay+, players can do song challenges like in Guitar Hero 5 to earn extra stars.

Power challenges, which are new in Warriors of Rock, are challenges based on scoring and earning power stars. Players are allowed to use up to two warrior powers they unlocked in Quest Mode.

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