Raining Blood
Performed By [[Slayer]]
Year 1986
Appears in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Guitar Hero: Smash Hits

Tier 8
★★★★ (Expert) 162,296
★★★★★ (Expert) 227,215
[[Category:Songs by Slayer]]

Raining Blood is a song written and recorded by Slayer for their third album Reign in Blood (1986).


Raining Blood is viewed by many to be the hardest song of the 8th tier. Some say it is harder than Through the Fire and Flames. There are two main reasons why.

One reason this song is difficult is because of a long section containing rapid descending scales that are about 30% of the way into the song (known as Mosh 1 or First Blood in practice mode). Only 2 Star Power phrases are before it, with a Star Power phrase at the beginning of Mosh 1/First Blood, making this section challenging to many.

The second reason why it is difficult is because of the final section in the song: Flood. It is basically a thirty-second long barrage of grinding metal, making for a chaotic guitar solo. The section begins with a fast tremolo section (about 14.5 NPS) then goes into several complex sets of hammer-ons and pull-offs, including several extremely fast trills, and in GHSH, a 5-note chord for the final note which is not an actual guitar note, but inserted for the purpose of imitating the lightning strike noise at the end of the song (aided by the fact that, despite it being the final note, it contains a Star Power phrase which produces lightning strikes). Also, in GH3, it is a RYB chord.

The rest of the song is not considered difficult, though many people have had trouble 5 starring it; one of the reasons being that the song is incredibly unforgiving when it comes to star power: there are only 7 phrases, one of which is buried in Mosh 1 and another of which is the entire green tremolo-picking section at the start of Flood!

Most people struggle with Mosh 1. There are several ways to master it, but the first and foremost way to pass this section is practice. Try practicing it on slow and full speed and gauge how fast your fingers must move to keep up with the hammer ons. You can also try to alt strum about every two notes. When you have nothing else to do, try doing the hammer ons back and forth on your guitar. Star power is a must if you're struggling with this section. Its best used after you make it to the second set of chords in between the descending scales of hammer-ons. It should carry you to the chorus where you can complete the rest of the song with relative ease.

Also, something else to note about the song is that is the first song in Guitar Hero history to have a 5-note Chord, with the exception of custom songs, which aren't official songs in the Guitar Hero series. This chord is the final note in the song in Guitar Hero: Smash Hits.

Appears InEdit

This song appears as a Master Track.


Difficulty Total Notes Base Score 4-Star 5-Star
Easy 546 65,520 91,728
Medium 695 88,704 124,186
Hard 1,043 126,020 176,428
Expert 1,247 162,296 227,215
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