The Gibson SG Controller was packaged with the PS2 version of Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II The SG is much smaller than its counterpart, the X-plorer Controller used in the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero II. The SG is one of the Guitars available to use in game for Guitar Hero III (PS2 version), and Guitar hero: Aerosmith (also on the PS2). Your character can play it as if it was a real guitar, despite the fact that it only has five buttons at the top.


The main criticism of the SG was how loud it was. The clacking noise made by the strum bar was much louder than later guitar controllers. Also, the neck wasn't as strong as the X-plorer's.

Color Schemes[]

GH1- Black Body, White Pick Gaurd, Brown Neck

GH2- Red Body, Black Pick Gaurd, Black Neck (As Pictured)

GH3- White Body, Red Pick Gaurd, Black Neck (Exclusive to Target stores)