This is the main tracklist for Guitar Hero Mobile.

Song Artist Tier
"Black Magic Woman" Santana 1. Opening Licks
"Woman" Wolfmother 1. Opening Licks
"Miss Murder" AFI 1. Opening Licks
"Suck My Kiss" Red Hot Chili Peppers 1. Opening Licks
"School's Out" Alice Cooper 1. Opening Licks (Encore)
"Hit Me With Your Best Shot" Pat Benatar 2. Amp Warmers
"You Really Got Me" Van Halen 2. Amp Warmers
"Strutter" Kiss 2. Amp Warmers
"Cherub Rock" Smashing Pumpkins 2. Amp Warmers
"Trippin' On A Hole in a Paper Heart" Stone Temple Pilots 2. Amp Warmers (Encore)
"Monsters" Matchbook Romance 3. String Snappers
"Shout At The Devil" Mötley Crüe 3. String Snappers
"Paranoid" Black Sabbath 3. String Snappers
"Jessica" The Allman Brothers Band 3. String Snappers
"Rock You Like A Hurricane" Scorpions 3: String Snappers (Encore)


Song Artist Date
"Mother" Danzig 1. January 2008
"Barracuda" Heart 1. January 2008
"The Seeker" The Who 1. January 2008
"Life Wasted" Pearl Jam 2. February 2008
"She Bangs the Drums" The Stone Roses 2. February 2008
"Pride and Joy" Stevie Ray Vaughan 2. February 2008