Shakin' --
as made famous by Eddie Money
Tier: 2

Easy 4-star: 25,806
Easy 5-star: 36,129

Medium 4-star: 39,078 (estimate), 38,103-39,087
Medium 5-star: 54,710

Hard 4-star: 57,366
Hard 5-star: 80,313

Expert 4-star: 63,520
Expert 5-star: 88,928
Total notes on Easy: 174
Total notes on Medium: 300
Total notes on Hard: 360
Total notes on Expert: 395
Video link on Expert:

Shakin is a song by Eddie Money, off his 1981 album No Control. The song is featured in Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's.

Appears In[]

Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s (Tier 2)

This song appears as a Cover Version.
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No One Like You - Shakin' - Heat Of The Moment - Radar Love - Because, It's Midnite
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