Smells Like Teen Spirit is a song that appears on Guitar Hero 5 with an appearance by Kurt Cobain. It appears in the album, "Nevermind".

Smells Like Teen Spirit is possibly the most famous song done by Nirvana. It was written in September, 1991, and while it may seem like a meaningless song, it was Cobain's make or break song. Fortunately, a shock wave of big amp purity, this song wiped the lingering jive of the 80's off the pop map overnight. This was a song dedicated to all the teens of the 90's. Sadly, it became so popular that Cobain was tortured by the obligation to play his song every night, during his final U.S. tour in 1993. Since then, he never played it again, taking his own life in April 5th, 1994. On an unrelated note, the name of this song, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is also the name of a deodorant for girls, "Teen Spirit".

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Smells Like Teen Spirit is a fairly difficult song, but is easy to master if you're good at alt strumming. The only parts of the song that may be difficult are the chords, but even then, if you're good at those, the chances are you can master this song. The guitar solo after the second chorus is quite simple and consists of no chords, which can be a brief relief.

Bass has more notes than guitar on this song, and goes and keeps a moderate tempo. Alt strumming is suggested for some of the notes, but like guitar, the bass basically plays the same notes, redundantly, like the guitar.

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