Song 2 is by the Britpop band Blur. It is the 1st song in the career of Guitar Hero 5 in the venue The 13th Rail. It is in the 2nd tier for guitar, 1st for bass, 3rd for drums, and 2nd for vocals.

Bonus Challenge[]

Band: Score as many points as you can.

GOLD = 500,000 points

PLATINUM = 1,000,000 points

DIAMOND = 2,000,000 points

How To Get Diamond[]

Get 1 guy or yourself to do Expert. 4 People have to play Guitar. It can work for Xbox Live or the PS3 network. If you have Wi-Fi network on your Wii, just try getting four people to play. You will be honored with the Eyeball Hat.


The song is named "Song 2" because it was the 2nd song on their self-titled album "Blur". It is 2 minutes and 2 seconds long, and (by coincidence) it peaked at No. 2 in the UK charts in 1997.



Guitar Hero 5 Song 2 (100% FC) Guitar