Song 2 is by the Britpop band Blur. It is the 1st song in the career of Guitar Hero 5 in the venue The 13th Rail. It is in the 2nd tier for guitar, 1st for bass, 3rd for drums, and 2nd for vocals.

Bonus Challenge[edit | edit source]

Band: Score as many points as you can.

GOLD = 500,000 points

PLATINUM = 1,000,000 points

DIAMOND = 2,000,000 points

How To Get Diamond[edit | edit source]

Get 1 guy or yourself to do Expert. 4 People have to play Guitar. It can work for Xbox Live or the PS3 network. If you have Wi-Fi network on your Wii, just try getting four people to play. You will be honored with the Eyeball Hat.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The song is named "Song 2" because it was the 2nd song on their self-titled album "Blur". It is 2 minutes and 2 seconds long, and (by coincidence) it peaked at No. 2 in the UK charts in 1997.

Video[edit | edit source]


Guitar Hero 5 Song 2 (100% FC) Guitar

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