Speeding (Vault Version)
Performed By Steve Vai
Year 2010
Appears in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Genre Speed Metal
Guitar Intensity 90%
Bass Intensity 80%
Drums Intensity 80%
Vocals Intensity 0%
Length 4 min 1 sec
Music noicon

Mystery Tracks – Archives Vol. 3 cover.

"Speeding" (Vault Version) is a song by American virtuoso guitarist Steve Vai. It is in the 11th tier of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, unlocked after defeating the Beast.


It is not as challenge as the Intensity rating makes it seem; nor it's tier placement. However, like most songs at this level of the game, if it doesn't seem hard, it is extremely fiddly, and that is no exception for Speeding.

By far the two hardest sections are Start Yer Engines and consequently Final Lap, which are the tapped intro and it's reprisal. You're most likely to fail this on sightread unless you're very good, but the easiest way to pass is experience- anchor green, and quickly tap RY, Y, YB, B, BO and whatever the note pattern is. Holding the Lead is another tricky section seguing into Final Lap. It starts off unassumingly with some sustains but be prepared as soon as the tap notes appear- it is a fast tap section that leads into that nightmare of an intro.

The rest of the song is nowhere near as tricky, though the riff is difficult to pin down as it is constantly moving, and does require some skill to combo. Overall, an overrated song by the game's guitar intensity, but by no means easy.

If you manage to survive beyond Final Lap, then all you have left is one last repeat of the Speeding Riff and the the Outro (shown as Finish Line)


Start Yer Engines
Speeding Riff 1
D-riff-ting 1
Speeding Riff 2
D-riff-ting 2
Speeding Riff 3
Cornering 1
Speeding Riff 4
D-riff-ting 3
Speeding Riff 5
Cornering 2
Speeding Riff 6
Cornering 3
Pedal To The Speed Metal
Holding The Lead
Final Lap
Speeding Riff 7
Finish Line


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