Strong Bad is a character in the Internet Flash cartoon series Homestar Runner. He isn't really a musician, but he frequently tries to mimic the mechanics of certain genres of music in his personal show, Strong Bad E-mails. In one of his e-mails, he was asked how to draw a dragon. It turns out Strong Bad is a 'master' at drawing dragons. So he grabs a white sheet of paper and starts drawing, going through some "simple step-by-step instructions" for the viewer. After a scrapped first draft, he reaches the finished product. He then decides to check on his "students". The song Trogdor (named after the dragon in his drawing) starts up following the scene. In the e-mail (or better known as sbemails) the song can be heard being played by horns and keyboards. Although through the site's store you can buy the album Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits which is said to feature the song with rock instruments. The song made its way to Guitar Hero II as a bonus track.

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