"Sympathy for the Devil" is an song by The Rolling Stones. It is playable in Guitar Hero 5. In Career Mode, it is in the game's first venue, The 13th Rail.


Written in December 1968, in London, by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Sympathy For The Devil is one of the most controversial songs in the history of music. This being because of the song mainly focusing on disasters that have happened in the world, such as World War II and the death of the Kennedys. Jagger and Richards created this song, due to the inspiration of Mikhail Bulgakov's novel, "The Master and Margarita", which focuses on Satan having his way in Moscow in the 1930's. Jagger and Richards were both wondering if their song should be a samba or a folk song at the time. In the end, it became a big hit thanks to Rocky Dijon's congas and Bill Wyman's maracas. Even though this song essentially has no drums at all, in Guitar Hero 5, it is suggested that the player uses his/her hands to play the drums, due to Dijon's congas.

Rolling Stone Magazine has rated "Sympathy For The Devil" as the 32nd out of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.


Sympathy For The Devil is more or less a fairly simple song to play. The guitarist is required to play the piano notes as well as Keith Richards' guitar solo, but the solo is fairly easy, on any difficulty. The piano notes are redundant, yet quick, with a jumpy tune, so it's best to stay alert if you're determined to score 100%.

Bonus ChallengeEdit

This is for a Band.

Objective: Maintain a band multiplier of 2x or higher.

86 seconds = Gold

172 seconds = Platinum

345 seconds = Diamond

This rewards you Axel Steel's "Shoulder Blades" outfit.

How To Get DiamondEdit

Play it on Easy whichever you prefer or is less intense for you. It is recommended that you get two or more guitarists.

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